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I love uncovering behind-the-scene connections in our tech ecosystem. In Match Made in Santa Cruz, find out how two local startups with seemingly unrelated products collaborated on a win-win solution. Learn how the recent, untimely death of Bennett Roesch is inspiring the launch of a new movement. A startup launched a few years ago by two locals when they were in high school is preparing to ship their new gloving product. Oh, and check out the national news that Amazon is "growing a mysterious office in a small surf town near San Francisco." 
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Match Made in Santa Cruz: Collaboration between the two startups grants one a great new battery for their product and the other a licensing deal for their cutting edge technology. Read this article.

Dear Bennett -- We've started a movement in your name. We're answering the call to create more connection in the world, to address loneliness, and to raise the conversation around mental illness. Read this article.

Calling them the "best entry level gloves on earth," Futuristic Lights prepares to start shipping the Ion C2C LED Glove Set. Watch the video.

Inboard releases another free firmware upgrade for the M1, and it's a biggy.
This is the torque update you've been waiting for!  Read this article.

SomaGenics awarded NIH funding to develop NGS Single-Cell analysis of small RNAs. Read this article.

Lloyd Tabb compares Looker's growth to a moonshot and says company is growing faster than planned. "We're going to the moon. It's awesome." Read this article.

MBEP announces their agenda and speakers for 3rd Annual State of the Region to be held Nov. 8 in Monterey. Read this article.
Dog food? In Santa Cruz? Woof! YaDoggie CEO Sol Lipman talks about predictive dog food delivery. Watch the video
We knew Amazon was here but the rest of the world is just figuring it out. There are new reports that Amazon is "growing a mysterious office in a small surf town near SF." Read this article
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