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Monarch Media, an elearning company, is celebrating their 20th year in business. Read our Q&A with Monarch's founder. SCO vs IBM is the never-ending Linux case. Why is this still news? A local development agency is rolling out a fake news rating solution. Want to be part of the beta program? UCSC bioinformatics leaders are partnering to build a platform for NIH Data Commons. Students at CSUMB's recent Hackathon Weekend focused on disaster survival apps. Timely, indeed.   
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Claire Schneeberger founded Monarch Media in 1997. Now, twenty years later, how has it played out for this elearning company? Read this article
Students at CSUMB's Hackathon Weekend created solutions for people to prepare, survive, and recover from a major natural disaster. Read this article.
Initially, as a joke, this developer thought his agency could build a website that allowed people to vote on the truthfulness of 45's tweets. But why stop there? Read the article
SCO vs IBM is the never-ending Linux case. SCO has been suing IBM for nearly 15 years. Now what? Read this article.   

UCSC's Genomics Institute, Univ. of Chicago, and the Broad Institute will create the Commons Alliance Platform with funding from the NIH. Read this article

A new undergraduate biomedical research pilot program at UCSC is taking a bold new approach. Read this article.  
Sometimes the unexpected can be the life of the party.Sometimes the unexpected can be the life of the party. What happens when Litmus Box teams up with local organizations for a special project? Read this article.
With backgrounds in material and chemical engineering, the founders of Cruz Foam are tackling sustainability in their own way. Read this article .
How does Looker scale its SDR team without losing its helpful and generous culture? Read this article.   
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