21 Days Left to Tell Trump We Won't Let Immigrant Families Be Attacked by Public Charge Changes
Public assistance programs are in place for a reason--to protect people from experiencing hunger, poverty, and homelessness when they fall on hard times. But rather than protecting families, Trump's proposed public charge rule seeks to weaponize fear to deter immigrant families from getting the support and care they need to thrive. If this rule is enacted, it would generate fear and mistrust of public programs, like CalFresh and Medi-Cal. The result of which would be a hungrier, poorer, and sicker nation.

Without CalFresh, more than 800,000 Californians would be living in poverty--half of them being children. This is because CalFresh enables people to spend money on food they would not have afforded otherwise. In this way, supporting healthier diets while also reducing the stress of having to make tough financial decisions, like choosing between buying food or medication.

For children, the benefits of growing up in a home with consistent access to food and less financial stress are far-reaching and long-lasting. A study of early participants in the Food Stamp Program found that children who had Food Stamps growing up reported   better health in adulthood and had lower rates of obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. Women who had access to Food Stamps as young children reported  improved economic stability  in adulthood; i.e., were more likely to graduate high school, be employed and have higher earnings, and less likely to participate in public benefit programs.

Disenrollment from CalFresh, Medi-Cal, and housing assistance programs would harm the health and security of our state. The Department of Homeland Security even acknowledges in the   text of the proposed rule  that, if enacted, consequences would include increased incidence of poor health, poverty, and reduced educational attainment. Making it even clearer that this administration regards the degradation of public health and well-being an acceptable trade off for its political gains.

Using fear to discourage use of programs that improve people's lives is a cruel policy with dangerous consequences. We must fight back.

The Protecting Immigrant Families coalition has made steady progress towards its goal of submitting 100,000 comments on the proposed rule (over 60,000 as of last Friday!). But with only 21 days left until the December 10 deadline-it's time to make our final push!

CFPA will be submitting a detailed comment in opposition to the proposed public charge rule. Keep an eye out for an alert containing our comment, coming next week!

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