F rom the author of
Red Letter Challenge
Zach Zehnder

In the midst of a global pandemic, hope is needed!

That's why we've created #21DaysTogether. 
#21DaysTogether is a collaborative initiative to offer daily hope and encouragement and inspire people to prayer and action in the midst of this crisis.  

Our goal is simple.  We want to bring as many people together as possible to share encouragement and hope during this unprecedented time. This is also a call to prayer and action for the sake of our communities and our world.

21 churches have banded together to create the #21DaysTogether movement. Only one action is needed from you right away. Like our  Facebook  and/or  Instagram  pages. This collaboration has come together quickly, so act quickly to join in!
Take a moment to watch the video about this project from Pastor Zach Zehnder, creator of Red Letter Challenge.
Here’s what you can expect from #21DaysTogether:

Starting Thursday, March 19 th , every day (with the exception of Sunday’s), 3 videos will be posted from one of our 21 churches.

9AM: A 5-minute word of encouragement and hope
12PM: A 5-minute highlight of a way for you to help, act, and pray
3PM: A 5-minute family devotion that you can do in the house

Again, for now, please sign up here on  Facebook   and here for  Instagram  and share this like crazy. Let’s come together and do something incredible for God.

These posts will also be available daily online at  www.21daystogether.com .

Zach Zehnder
Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran
2950   Highway  55
Eagan,  MN   55 121