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Lucky for us, Steve Blum was at CES and sent some photos of four locals companies that were strutting their stuff at the big annual trade show in Las Vegas. One of those companies made a big splash at CES (Newsweek!). One of those companies traveled to CES on their product. Code Naturally is opening a flagship location in downtown Santa Cruz. CruzHacks is gearing up for their big annual hackathon at UCSC. Read the most comprehensive overview I've seen about how Salinas -- despite many challenges -- went from "salad bowl of the world to global agtech hub." It's impressive.

Two big local tech events are coming up! The Second Annual Titans of Tech will be held on Thursday, January 25, and the TEN year anniversary of the Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup will be held on Wednesday, February 7. For details, go to our events page.

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What do YaDoggie, Buoy, Onewheel and Plantronics have in common? All were captured at CES strutting their stuff. Read this article.  
Buoy made a big splash at CES. What did Newsweek, Popular Mechanics, and GearBrain have to say about the smart home water device? Read this article
Four thousand companies brought their products to CES, the huge annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but only one was brought by its product. Read this article.
How exactly did Salinas pivot from salad bowl to global agtech hub? It's a remarkable story and has won the city an award for entrepreneurship. Read this article
Code Naturally, a local startup that seeks to teach youth computer programming skills, announces that they are opening a new flagship location in downtown Santa Cruz. Read the article.
The CA Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine has awarded a $500K grant to the UCSC Genomics Institute to support the Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative. Read this article.   
Going into its 5th year, CruzHacks -- previously Hack UCSC -- is expected to be one of the largest collegiate hackathons Santa Cruz has ever seen. Read this article.  
Deliveroo -- one of the top meal delivery companies in the world with 30K restaurants and 30K riders across 200 cities and towns in 12 countries -- has selected Looker to operationalize its data. Read this article.  
Oh, the places you'll go! Inboard Technology looks back at 2017 with a video of the places they've gone. Watch the video
Note: Dates, times, and locations are all subject to change. Be sure to check the event website, just in case! 
  • Fri Jan 19 - Sun Jan 21: CruzHacks 2018 at Porter Dining Hall, UCSC.
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