Yay!  I'm thrilled you signed up for my playalong webinar, "Play with Freedom" on Saturday, July 2nd at 2pm EDT! To find out when that is for you, go here to the to the  webinar page  (you may want to bookmark this page).
This is your 24-hour reminder! 
In this one-hour live play-along webinar I'll share one incredibly simple progression you've probably heard a thousand times and show you how you can improvise, add rhythm, use it in responsive playing, create an interlude from it, modulate with it -- whew!  All with one little-old progression!
And you'll have a heck of a lot of FUN expressing yourSELF with it. 
I'll also be answering questions about my "Summer Harp Jam" program and telling you how you can take what you learn in this webinar sooooo much further and have a summer-full of fun with it!
This is a play-along webinar, so bring your harp! It's for any harp - lever or pedal - and any level of adult player from fledgling to professional.
I'll send you another reminder a couple hours before the event and then right before it starts, but you can always get it to it from the webinar page and I encourage you to arrive 5-10 minutes early just to get settled and into the online room.
And I'll see you on Saturday, direct from my Boston area studio!
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Deborah Henson-Conant
HipHarp.com / SummerHarpJam.com
p.s. Invite your harp friends to this play-along webinar! Then you can play the things you learn together.  Send them to this link https://goo.gl/AlqX9j and they can register free.