ESHCA Wellness Newsletter
October 2020
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Cancer Awareness Month, Get Screened!!!

Cancer is the Second Leading Cause of Death in the US
Many can be prevented or caught early!

Discuss Screening with your PCP at your Annual Physical
Screenings are based on risk factors such as age, lifestyle and family history!
Annual Physicals are a $0 Copay
ESHCA/MVP data: members are not using colorectal cancer screenings!
If you are 50 years of age or have a family history, discuss screening with your doctor!
Routine preventative screenings are a $0 copay
Questions regarding medical benefits should be directed to Donna Carney (ESHCA Benefits Administrator)

Fight Cancer with Food

30-40% of all Cancers can be Prevented through Lifestyle and Diet!
Several foods are linked to reduced cancer risk, how plentiful are they in your diet?
Colorful veggies are packed with cancer-fighting phytochemicals; green peppers are rich in lutein, red peppers are packed with beta-carotene and tomatoes provide lycopene. This recipe features healthy veggies and flavorful wild rice packed inside an edible pepper bowl. Ground turkey adds lean protein while onions and garlic lend flavor and cancer-fighting antioxidants!
$25 Challenge: Take the "Defender" Cancer Risk Assessment
(American Cancer Society):
Click on the link to complete the assessment and click here for directions to get the incentive!
Financial Wellness:

QCI encourages "Budgeting for Retirement"...
Clarifying your goals and expectations will make it easier!
Also, review the "Retirement Plan Performance" as posted on the ESHCA website.
Strength Exercises - Core Combo #7
Reduce low back pain using the "Dead Bug" and "Rotation Plank" (click for directions) . For a complete core conditioning workout add Combo #1 or Combo #2.