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SST in the News
We've had a couple of customers recently featured in magazine articles and we think you'll find these articles are definitely worth the read.
Chesty's Chariot Crown Vic
USMC Racing
We've told you about Uncle Sam's Misguided Children's Crown Vic before, but Tom Wilson at Ford Muscle dug into the history of the team and educated us on the "Marine's Marine" Chesty Puller the car is named after. You'll love reading about all the work done to this "lemon" raced by a team of our nation's finest.

Eric Fleming's 1971 Corvette
Eric's Vette Evolves Again!
Eric Fleming first transformed his Corvette by adding our TREMEC TKO 5-Speed PerfectFit™ Kit back in 2015. Over the last 3-4 years the Corvette has gone through a multitude of changes, including swapping out the TKO for a Magnum 6-speed behind an LT4 and now it's one of the coolest and fastest C3 Vettes on the planet! Richard Prince of Super Chevy wrote an excellent article on the evolution of this 1971 Corvette and also took some centerfold worthy photos.

Tech Corner
Registering Your TREMEC Transmission
Get a free shifter ball from TREMEC for registering!
If you haven't registered your TREMEC, make sure you do! These tips will help you gather all you need to complete the form.
The form starts off with the easy stuff: name, address, etc. TREMEC will use this information to send you your shifter ball. Next, the form asks for information about your transmission. Your purchase date can be found on the invoice you received from us and you'll know the installation date. Be sure to select "Silver Sport Transmissions" from the drop down if you purchased from us. It will then ask you which transmission you purchased. If you're unsure, it will be one of the first items on your invoice. It will either be a T-5, TKO (500 and 600 are both listed as "TKO" on this form), Magnum (most people will have this version of the 6-Speed), or Magnum XL (almost exclusively for late model Mustangs). If you purchased an A41 Automatic, it is not a TREMEC transmission and does not need to be registered with TREMEC.

Once you choose which transmission you purchased, a new form will come up to get the information off of the metal tag on your transmission. Below the tags are highlighted in the images of the transmissions. On Magnum transmissions, we will often move the tag from the upper passenger's side bolt to the lower passenger's side bolt, so your transmission may have the tag in one of those two areas.
Magnum/Magnum XL
The T-5 tag is located on the driver's side and looks like the image on the left. You'll need the part number (indicated in red) and the serial number (indicated in yellow).
The TKO tag looks like the image on the left. You'll need the transmission model (indicated in red), the build code (indicated in yellow), the part number (indicated in blue), and the serial number (indicated in green).
The Magnum and Magnum XL tags look like the image on the left. You'll need the part number (indicated in red) and the build code (indicated in yellow), and the serial number (indicated in green).
The rest of the form is pretty self-explanatory. You get to pick out which shift ball you'd like, tell TREMEC a little more about which car the transmission went into, and then you'll need to provide proof of purchase. When we send you your tracking numbers, we include a digital (pdf) copy of your invoice. You can click and drag it to the box or click the box then choose the file from the location you saved it. Tremec also gives you the option of copying the paper copy and mailing or faxing it to the address they provide.

Once you've submitted the form, you can choose to take a customer satisfaction survey. This survey helps TREMEC learn more about your experience with Silver Sport Transmissions and with the TREMEC products.

So, gather up the information on your transmission and visit TREMEC's website to register!
Customer Testimonials
We're Green with Envy over this Nova!
Mark Sikorski's 1972 Nova
Wouldn't you love to take this Nova through these rolling hills? Mark sent us this beautiful photo of his 1972 Nova and the following email to one of our technical customer service advisors, Franky Lopez.
Hey Franky,
           Just wanted to give you a heads-up on the clutch you sent me. Got the car back on the ground this weekend after a long winter of many different projects on her, including the clutch assembly. You will be glad to know that you were right!!! Clutch performs flawlessly!!! No chatter and smooth as silk. I can't thank you enough for your tech support and patience with me. It's been a pleasure doing business with you and your company!! Jack sure does have some GREAT employees and a great business. Hope to do another Tremec swap in the near future and will for sure use you guys! 
             Thanks again for EVERYTHING!!!
AMC - AMX 5-Speed!
Vic Torasso had this AMX for 40 years now!
We don't have nearly as many AMC customers as the other "Big 3" so it's a great treat when our AMC customers send photos. The "Trendsetter Sidewinder" pipes on these are rad! Go to our website to see more photos of his installation.

Good Morning Jack and Gene,

I just wanted to let you both know that the 5-speed conversion on my 1969 AMX went as smoothly as you promised. I completed the installation yesterday and drove the car for about 50 miles with no issues. All of the measurements required were checked and the only thing out of tolerance was the hydraulic throw-out bearing cushion. I called Gene with the measurements and he knew exactly what spacer was needed to correct it. I had the driveshaft balanced after installing the new slip yoke and the car drove with no vibrations and no additional driveline adjustments. 70 mph at 2100 RPM instead of 3200+ RPM - a very pleasant ride now at highway speed.

Attached are pictures of my 1969 AMX that I have owned since 1979 (40 years).

Thank you,

Vic Torasso
Pat and Christine's 1970 Chevelle
Pat sent us some great photos of his 1970 Chevelle with a TREMEC TKO 5-Speed PerfectFit™ Kit installed. A lot of Chevelle customers call us with concerns over how the TKO will fit in their tunnel. You can see, Silver Sport Transmissions PerfectFit Kit fits right inside the original console. He also opted for one of our aluminum shifter handles, you can see how it looks in the Chevelle console too! Go to our website for more photos.
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