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We always go a little stir crazy this time of year. One day the flowers are blooming and we're dusting our car off for a weekend road trip and the next day we're brushing the snow off our cars. One thing we know, spring is just around the corner and we want to see our fellow car lovers out enjoying their rides in overdrive!
$250 off
All of our transmission PerfectFit™ and RestoFit® Kits are $250 off this month! TREMEC Manual transmissions or SST's A41 Automatic, they all qualify! Call 888-609-0023
Offer Expires March 31, 2018. Cannot be combined. 
Jack Silver's trip to TREMEC headquarters in Mexico!
Recently Jack Silver, CEO of Silver Sport Transmissions, was able to visit TREMEC headquarters in Queretaro, Mexico. He followed the process from raw steel to boxed up transmission and documented each step with some great photos. You won't believe your eyes when you see the detail and care put into each TREMEC transmission. See all the photos and read about Jack's experience on our website.
TECH CORNER: Is it the clutch?
Having mechanical problems that seem to completely evade diagnosis? The best thing to do is to start with the simple and move on from there. Many clutch/shifting problems can be remedied by simply adjusting the clutch so that it is fully disengaging. In fact, with most of our customers using new clutches, linkage, pedals, and flywheels, this is most often the issue. However, the reason could also be the angle between the pushrod and pedal, loose linkage, the bearing retainer and fork assembled improperly, the clutch fork may have came off the ball stud, and more. After exhausting the simple solutions, then look towards alternative causes. You'll save money and heartache. Visit our website to learn to trouble shoot the most common problems and the solutions.
Car Show Schedule - 2018
We would love to see you at one of the car shows we're attending this year. We've expanded to some new shows and we're going to be doing Hot Rod Power Tour this year as well, so there's a good chance we're going to be in a town near you. Here are the shows we've committed to so far:

Goodguys Spring Nationals in Scottsdale, AZ - March 16-18th*
Pennzoil Auto Fair Charlotte Motor Speedway - April 6-8th
Bama Cruise Orange Beach, AL - April 26-28th*
Hot Rod Power Tour - Bowling Green, KY - June 9th
Hot Rod Power Tour - Chattanooga, TN - June 10th
Hot Rod Power Tour - Hoover, AL - June 11th
Hot Rod Power Tour - Hampton, GA - June 12th
Hot Rod Power Tour - Darlington, SC - June 13th
Hot Rod Power Tour - Raleigh, NC - June 14th
Hot Rod Power Tour - Concord, NC - June 15th
Chryslers Carlisle - July 12-15th
Street Machine Nationals - St. Paul, MN - July 20-22nd*
Corvettes Carlisle - August 23-26th
LS Fest - Bowling Green, KY - September 7-9th
Smoky Mountain Autofest - Kodak, TN - October 11-13th
SEMA - Las Vegas, NV - October 29 - November 1st

*Find us at the TREMEC display.
Customer Cars
Cover Car - Michael Harding
Ride with Michael Harding

Michael Harding has already started his racing season. He has our A41 PerfectFit™ Kit in his 1965 Plymouth Belvedere, which not only preforms well on the track, but also gives him great gas milage when he's not. Follow along with the installation in this article he wrote for Street Muscle Magazine.
Dave Clark's 1970 Cyclone Spoiler
Dave Clark sent us these beautiful photos of his Cyclone (more on our website). He also wrote Richard in tech support this great testimonial. Another customer letting us know our kits the best upgrade they've made! Thank you, Dave!

Glad to hear from you! I couldn't be happier with this install. I didn't have to cut anything! Yes my car has a removable shift hump. Everything bolted right in place! We had a break in the weather two weeks ago, I got to take the car for a test drive and am thrilled with how it drives now! This was the best upgrade I have made to any vehicle! Be sure to tell Jeff that I appreciate all the support you guys gave me! I have been recommending SST to everyone that will listen to me! Thanks so much!

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