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Speech distraction, according to Plantronics, is the top complaint of open offices everywhere. Beau Wilder, the person who has shepherded a new solution through Plantronics,  graduated from UCSC over 18 years ago and went directly to work there. Now a VP, Wilder is responsible for one of Plantronics' newest and most unique products. Be sure to read his story.  
Despite the topic having been professionally and personally important to me for decades, I hadn't heard of the TLA, DEI, until recently. Find out what DEI means, directly from the person who holds the title of Looker's Global Head of DEI.  
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Beau Wilder graduated from UCSC and never left town. Hired by Plantronics over 18 years ago, he's now a VP in charge of Habitat Soundscaping, one of the company's newest and most unique products. Read this article
Cornell Woodson, Global Head of DEI at Looker, defines DEI and talks about his surprise career focused on diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Read this article.
The Baskin School of Engineering announces the launch of the country's first professional master's degree program in serious games. Read this article.  
One project scrapes video lectures uploaded by professors. Another can tell if a household object can be recycled, composted, or tossed in the trash. Check out productOps' review of CruzHacks 2019. Read this article.

PayStand takes a look at the enterprise cash cycle and what it means to truly modernize your business relative to payments. Read this article.
SupplyShift and Ulula announce a partnership that allows companies to emphasize and integrate consideration of workers' experience with their supply chain decision-making. Read this article.  
It's "The People's Choice Awards for tech companies!" Looker is recognized in two categories in the 2019 Best Software Awards from the G2 Crowd. Read this article.
Santa Cruz Fiber takes a look back at 2018, noting their biggest achievement was completing the first "fiberhood" in Downtown Santa Cruz. Read this article.  
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