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If there's a theme this week, it's Genomics/DNA. We share some big news about UCSC Genomics Institute's new brain research project to develop new technology for studying human brain evolution and development, and we have another article about the initial holder of the Colligan Presidential Chair in Pediatric Genomics. The initial focus of the Chair, established in 2016, is to advance efforts to use genomic data to defeat childhood cancer.  
Not related to genomics, you can hear directly from Looker's new Global Head of DEI in a Q&A article. (What's DEI, anyway?) And, big news for SellHound: the eBay version of their posting app is live. Woof! 
There's more so scroll down and start reading the news! 

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Top Stories   
A new brain research project at UCSC involves applying modern AI (artificial intelligence) approaches to understanding and emulating the architecture of the human brain. Read this article
The Colligan Presidential Chair in Pediatric Genomics "is authentic recognition of the path-breaking research taking place at the intersection of UC Santa Cruz's Physical and Biological Sciences, the Genomics Institute, and the Baskin School of Engineering." Read this article.  
Q&A: Cornell Woodson talks about moving to Santa Cruz and the biggest challenge of bringing DEI to Looker. Read this article.  
The folks at SellHound are bursting at the seams to share that the eBay version of their Posting App is finally available for download! Read this article
After their April Spring Break Code Camp, Code Naturally will transition to licensing software and providing professional development for teachers. Read this article.

Who owns your DNA? With a new $600K National Science Foundation grant, another UCSC-led team could be on its way to making genomic history. Read this article.
A collaboration between industry, academia, and government is now bringing drone technologies to life in the Monterey Bay Region. Read this article.   
The 6th annual Salinas Valley Ag Tech Summit, to be held March 26-27 at Hartnell College, will feature a spectrum of women leaders and entrepreneurs as panelists or keynote speakers. Read this article.
Watch: Steve Benz, president of genomics for NantOmics, describes defending his Ph.D. thesis at UCSC as one of the most powerful moments of his life. Watch the video.
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