Digest #275 (That's a big number. Whoda thunk.) 
I'm calling it BLEXIT (aka Buoy Lab's exit). The big news is that Buoy has been acquired. After you read the announcement, see another article in which Buoy CEO Keri Water's reflects on the whole thing. By the way, Keri's new title is Vice President and General Manager.
You already know that Santa Cruz is a hub for sports tech, such as electric skateboards. We have two articles this week about bike tech: one about the new PACKA from Blix and another about Bontrager WavCel helmet technology.  
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Resideo, a leading provider of comfort and security solutions primarily in residential environments, has acquired Buoy. Read this article
A bit maudlin, she writes, from the emotional upheaval of the big BLEXIT, Buoy CEO Keri Waters reflects. Read this article
Trek / Bontrager unveils a helmet technology called WaveCel, proven to be up to 48x more effective than standard EPS foam at preventing concussions from common cycling accidents. Read this article.  
As a lawyer who specializes in technology-focused companies, it is Tricia Timm's job to guide Looker through its legal obligations as it expands and evolves. Read this article.  
Blix Bikes invites the community to PACKA Cargo eBike launch party. And, the Indiegogo campaign has far exceeded its goal and is still open. Read this article
Two Human-computer interaction experts join Baskin School of Engineering's Computational Media Department. Read this article.

To engage with the most vulnerable in your supply chain, start by evolving your company's culture. Read this article.
Chris Miller, founder of Cloud Brigade, tops the AWS DeepRacer leaderboard and advances to the championship. Read this article.    
AgTech Insight joins forces with International Agriculture Consulting Group to bring technology and innovation to India's farmers. Read this article.  
Why is NextSpace Powered by Pacific Workplaces still thriving? Read this article
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