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Bud Colligan is one of Santa Cruz Tech Beat's earliest benefactors. I believe I can safely speak for local organizations in saying that, without Bud's presence and support, a variety of early stage tech, business, and arts organizations would not be as robust as they are. Colligan has just been appointed to Gov. Gavin Newsom's office. What will Colligan do in his new role? Will he continue to participate in the Monterey Bay ecosystem? And, will he continue to live in Santa Cruz? 
What else? The cannabis industry's first commodity trading desk was introduced by a company in Salinas. DroneCamp 2019 is coming to Monterey in June. Read about the highlights of the AgTech Summit held recently at Hartnell College. And, learn more about the rebranding of Poly from CMO Amy Barzdukas. 
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In his new appointment in Gov. Gavin Newsom's Office of Business and Economic Development, Bud Colligan will help expand access to international markets for California's small/medium businesses. Read this article
Pat Reilly, IP Society, shares vendor, product, and speaker highlights from the Salinas Valley AgTech Summit. Read this article
Congrats on that thing you won?!? Chris Miller explains Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and the toy car called #deepracer. Read this article.  
The 3-day DroneCamp 2019 in June will include everything you need to know to use drones for mapping, research, and land management. Read this article.  
The Grupo Flor platform enables buyers and sellers to connect for the purchase and sale of raw cannabis materials. Read this article
Poly CMO, Amy Barzdukas, talks about rebranding one of Silicon Valley's (and Santa Cruz's) oldest tech companies. Read this article.

As Teresa Thomae retires, the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) of Santa Cruz County announces their new director. Read this article.
Case Study: PayStand helps this business scale combined with strict federal regulatory requirements for same day payments. Read this article.    
The more inclusive and diverse an organization is, the stronger the movement is. Here are 7 myths Women Who Cowork is busting. Read this article.  
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