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Holy cow, we posted over 100 jobs last week. Check our ever-popular jobs page. And, we have our usual assortment of upcoming events, listed below, and also on our events page
My favorite story this week is about the author of a forthcoming book,The Knucklehead of Silicon Valley. His writing is humorous and engaging, you might even know him, and it's fun to say knucklehead
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The setting is modern-day Silicon Valley. The character of Ralph Gibsen, the protagonist of The Knucklehead of Silicon Valley isn't based on the author, G. Craig Vachon. Really. Read this article.  
Satellite Deskworks was awarded a patent for its comprehensive coworking software that connects member information, membership plans and products, members usage, and member and customer billing. Read this article.  
UCSC Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) prepares to celebrate their 10th anniversary and the public is invited to the Gala. Read this article
With female characters poised to steal the show in GoT's final season, Looker revisits their gender analysis with the added context of scene-level and script data in #DataOfThrones. Read this article.  
UCSC ranks second in Top 25 Public Game Design Colleges in the U.S. Read this article.
Doug Erickson, founder of the Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup, takes the helm of Santa Cruz Works. The two organizations will merge. Read this article.
The Forbes AgTech Summit returns to Salinas in June and will bring together over 600 global agriculture leaders and entrepreneurs to tackle some of the world's most critical challenges. Read this article.
Community TV Introduces RSVPā„¢ -- "Really Simple Video Place." It's a simple DIY video studio meant to be used by one person without any crew. Just walk in and launch the program. Read this article.    
The 2019 Kavli Summer Program in Astrophysics at UCSC will focus on "Machine Learning in the Era of Large Astronomical Surveys." Read this article.   
United Way Monterey County (UWMC), in partnership with the Monterey County Early Childhood Advisory Group, will host an Early Care and Education hackathon in June. Read this article.   
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