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Would you like to attend the Get Hired event at Poly tomorrow, June 5? The first three people to email me and tell me (a) what you appreciate most about Santa Cruz Tech Beat and (b) that you'd like a ticket to attend the event, each get one free ticket. The event will be preceded by the IDEA Hub Pitch for Social and Creative Enterprise. That part is free and open to the public. Details below.  

Startup Sandbox announces that they will coordinate and administer UCSC's corporate internship program for graduate students in the biotech fields such as molecular biology, genomics, and bioinformatics. SellHound got a nice shoutout from Founder Institute.
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Startup Sandbox announces it will administer UCSC's corporate internship program for graduate students in biotech fields. Read this article.  
Who is going to make sure your autonomous vehicle knows what to do when something unexpected happens? Read this article.  
Cruzio proposes mid-county fiber internet construction, and they're looking for "fiber champions" who will talk about their neighborhoods. Read this article
IDEA Hub 2019 Pitch for Social and Creative Enterprise will be held June 5 at Poly in the afternoon before Get Hired. Read this article.  
Founder Institute catalyzes the creation of meaningful and enduring companies around the world. SellHound is one such company. Read this article.
Western Growers launches its AgTech Innovation Directory, an interactive directory that acts as a marketplace for agricultural technology startups. Read this article.
The Chief People Officer at Looker talks about "Why I Love The Dreaded Role of Human Resources." Read this article.
A myriad of factors influence the customer journey from initial site visit to a completed purchase. Here's how to build, analyze & optimize the Conversion Funnel. Read this article.   
Note: Dates, times, and locations are all subject to change. Be sure to check the event's website, just in case! 
  • Sat Jun 8 - Sun Jun 9: UCSC Games Showcase at Digital Arts Research Center, 407 McHenry Rd. UCSC.
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