Set goals that make you want to jump out of bed in the morning. Or at least have a goal to jump out of bed every morning. Whatever your goal, make sure it's one that is reasonable for you. If you think you'd pull a muscle jumping out of bed in the morning (like people my age...don't judge me), make a more reasonable goal of crawling out of bed before lunch.

Things to consider when setting goals:
  1. Time commitments- How much time do you have per week to train/workout? Don't fudge these numbers like you do your taxes. Be honest with yourself. You might WANT to train for 20 hours a week but with a full-time job, school, family, and other nuisances there is no way you can carve out that many hours to train each week. Remember you can't stay up 24 hours a day to get it all in. Sleep is an important part of your workout/recovery routine-- we've talked about that in a previous newsletter--you know that. Once you figure out your weekly workout allotment, then you can look at your list of goals and see if the two go together like two peas in a pod. Choose a goal that matches how much time you have to train. I would love to try to qualify for Hawaii Ironman World Championship, BUT if I want to stay married and have a relationship with my children (and dogs) I know I don't have the time to train for that right now.
  2. Mental commitments - I am not asking your family to commit you because you're cray-cray, but I am asking you to to psychoanalyze yourself. Are you mentally prepared to train for your goal race? Are you mentally prepared to do Whole 30? (I know my answer to that, no I'm not). Are you ready to do long training runs, swim in the pool 3 times a week, and spend hours on your bike? If getting faster is your thing, are you mentally ready to push yourself to the point of 'total suck' at the track? Consider what will be asked of you to achieve your goals and be honest with yourself. Again with the honesty, it's "such a lonely word".
  3. Physical limitations - Sorry to bring this one up, but someone has to bring you back to earth. A lot of us have physical limitations that limit our ability to complete certain goals. An old injury, a bad knee, too much or too little weight can all limit your ability to attain certain goals. Personally I'd love to run a 100 miler and do multi-day stage mountain races, but I know my bones can't handle that. After a raucous pity-party attended with all of my favorite sorry-for-me emotions, I've found other attainable goals that match my physical abilities. Phew, pity-party over!

Be safe, be honest, set goals that you can commitment to in order to stay on the path of success and crawl out of that bed before lunch! I know you can do it.

"I 'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're going and hook up with them later."
- Mitch Hedberg