Guess What?!?
We bet you have heard of "Micelle Cleansing Water" popularity going crazy this past year. 
Well, here at Garden of Wisdom we have created a completely CLEAN
                                   formula. Jen is doing a final testing this weekend.
List of Ingredients in almost every cleansing water out there
We aren't saying all of these are "horrible" ingredients, although when there are safe alternatives, why not use those? OH, yes, the bottom line!! Just an observation.
Hexylene Glycol - small molecular weight surfactant, solvent, fragrance 
Propylene Glycol - irritant, can encourage contact dermatitis, solvent 
Poloxamer 184 - irritant, organ toxicity (non-reproductive) 
Dihydrocholeth-30 - organ toxicity (non-reproductive), can cause allergies 
Benzyl Salicylate - associated with contact dermatitis and allergies 
Propylene Glycol - organ otxicity (non-reproductive) 
Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate - surfactant and foam booster 
Disodium Edta - viscosity controlling, chelating agent (decrease metal ions) 
Poloxamer 184 - surfactant, contamination concerns 
DMDM Hydantoin - really?!? releases formaldehyde, irritant, preservative 
Cetrimonium Chloride - eye and skin irritation (vapors) 
NEW! Customer Approved Products

GoW Matcha Green Tea Hyaluronic Acid Serum (gentle preservative blend, HAB-20) 
Review: I have severe scalp eczema that I have not been able to get under control despite 4 different prescription steroids, ketoconazole shampoos,  anti itch gels... you name it I have tried it. This little serum is wonderful.  No more itchy, scabby scalp.   It does not make my hair or scalp oily at all. Can you please offer in larger bottle? I will pay extra for special order if necessary, this product is pure gold for people with scalp eczema. 
GoW Flirt w/Dirt Mud Mask
Review: It made my skin feel really clean and calm. Like it pulled out all the gunk. It gave my skin a glow like I just came from the gym!
Blissful Potty Bouquet Spray Recipe  
Ingredients Needed
Spring Water 64%
Liquid Soap 3%
  (whichever kind you wish to use - can be dish soap too)
Vodka 30%
Essential Oil Blend
 - Blood Orange Essential Oil  14 grams  1.5% +/- (your sniffer will know)
 - Grapefruit Essential Oil  9 grams  1% +/- (your sniffer will know)
 - Lemon Essential Oil 5 grams  .5%