$3 billion Energos Industrial Park Reno - Carbon-neutral industrial park near Reno will be biggest in U.S.A.
TerraScale is developing 3,700 acres of land. The property is located in Churchill County and next to the Reno/Sparks Interstate I-80 corridor. Upon completion, Energos Reno will be the largest industrial / commercial / residential development in the US powered by hybrid renewable energy (geothermal, solar and other).

The Energos Reno development is centered around two key strategies. The first is the development of critical infrastructure (roadways and utilities) that meet the demands of digital data/technology, manufacturing, distribution and warehousing for the US supply chain. The second is the development of renewable power by expanding the existing solar and geothermal sources; along with, future development of other potential technologies.

Initial Development of the property is complete with development including:
Fiber Optic Trunk Line and
Co-located Geothermal and Solar.

- Two major rail lines, Union Pacific and BNSF with direct         access to five major west coast ports 
Interstate Highway Access with One day drive to 10 major   cities with 60 million customers
- 100% Zoned as Foreign Trade Zone 
- 1/3 Zoned Opportunity Zone
- Multiple fiber optic trunk lines
- Access to Nevada Basin 101 water
- Nevada - business friendly, Blockchain ready
- Just east of Reno, Nevada

Renewable Power for Electricity/Heating/Cooling: For all Energos Reno tenants including - Tier 3 Data Centers, distribution/logistics centers, rail services, manufacturers, commercial businesses, and residential community tenants.

Zoning: One-third of the property is in an Opportunity Zone and the entire asset is located in a designated Federal Foreign Trade Zone.

Proximity to TRIC: Energos Reno is located adjacent to 'TRIC', the largest industrial park in the world wherein Blockchain, Tesla, Switch, Apple, Google among other companies have established facilities, data centers and more.

The ultimate plan includes building the first green data center powered solely by renewable energy and to jointly develop the largest carbon-neutral park in the US. TerraScale's Reno pilot is expected to exceed a three billion dollars in terms of financed development.

Apple's Reno Data Center

The project has applied for the standard incentives Nevada provides to data centers, such as tax abatements on equipment, which it will likely receive. 

The abatement, which reduces the tax on equipment down to 2%, will not affect the school funding component of the tax, said Mike Kazmierksi, president and CEO of the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada. 

About a third of the Energos project's land is also located within Churchill County's opportunity zone.

Kazmierski described the Energos project as another "game-changer" for the region, likening its impact to several high-profile projects that raised Northern Nevada's profile in recent years.

Tesla Gigafactory Reno

"If this builds out as planned, this project will be in the order of a Tesla Gigafactory, a Switch, an Apple or Google -  all big names as far as the impact on our region," Kazmierksi said.

"It's another significant addition to our economy that allows us to continue to diversify and bring quality jobs for years to come."

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