Digest #325
There is still no such thing as a typical week these days, but we continue to have news, resources, and -- amazingly -- new jobs for you.

If there's a theme this week (beside Coronavirus) it's that our region is getting national attention. We have stories about locals from Forbes, ABC News, and Google.

My favorite story of the week has nothing to do w/ Covid-19. Be sure to read -- and watch -- Google's feature of Daniel DeLion, a Santa Cruz native who wasn't originally tracked for college. DeLion discovered physics, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering at Cabrillo College, and then found an internship at MBARI identifying and tracking whale calls and migration patterns by feeding information into Google's Tensorflow. This is one of the top feel-good stories of the week.

Apostrophe (previously known as YoDerm), a tele-dermatology skincare startup, won the Startup Monterey Bay Challenge in 2012. Forbes tells the story of the company's pivot to producing the World Health Organization’s (WHO) hand sanitizer formula.

UCSC professor Ed Green's research in DNA forensics helped crack an old murder case. The story is profiled by ABC News.

Back to the local scene: Payson McNett, Cabrillo College Art Studio Instructor and Director of Digital Fabrication, has a solution to the shortage of PPE masks and face shields — he’ll make them in the Cabrillo College Makerspace.

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Here's are links to Covid-19 resources to help keep you in the loop. Stay healthy!

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