Digest #346
Reed Hastings’ new book about Netflix comes out today! We have two articles for you (and likely more next week). One is on five key takeaways from the book, “No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention,” and the other is a video interview with Leslie Stahl of CBS.

A new data science institute at UCSC, Institute for Foundations of Data Science (IFDS), includes a focus on ethics and algorithms. “We want to be sure that while we’re looking at optimization methods in data science, we connect that with issues of fairness, bias, and privacy,” says Lise Getoor, UCSC professor of computer science and engineering, and one of the lead researchers in IFDS. “Any kind of algorithmic decision making can end up being biased with respect to race, gender, and so on,” she said. “One of our concerns is the issue of feedback loops by which these biased decisions get reinforced and can cascade in unanticipated and undesirable ways.” Learn more, below.

We also have news from Steve Blum (broadband), THRIVE (agtech), Cruzio, and more. Scroll down and start reading.
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