Digest #376

I want to call your attention to two cool articles this week:

  1. MBARI, the Moss Landing-based nonprofit oceanographic research center, has announced the construction of state-of-the-art research vessel being constructed for diverse expeditions in the Monterey Bay and beyond. “MBARI’s mission to explore and understand the ocean is more important than ever, especially in light of the growing threats of climate change, overfishing, and pollution,” said Chris Scholin, MBARI President and Chief Executive Officer.
  2. Ancient genomics? Science journal, Nature (nature.com), has produced a fascinating 6.5 minute video featuring UCSC professor Beth Shapiro. "Working with ancient DNA, Beth Shapiro has applied next-generation sequencing to look into genomes of the distant past, with the hope that they can help us to understand our future." (Watch this video.)

As usual, there's more. Scroll down and start reading (and watching)!

Sara Isenberg
Founder, Publisher, Editor-in-Chief
Santa Cruz Tech Beat

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