The Howard County Council passed CB 63-2020 (Sanctuary County) over the holidays, on December 7th -- despite the number of times this issue has been raised and defeated by the residents of the County. Three days later, County Executive Calvin Ball signed the bill and Howard was set to become a Sanctuary for illegal immigrants starting on February 9th, 2021. 
Since then, members of the GOP joined with area business and community leaders and have mounted a campaign to challenge CB 63-2020 by way of a county-wide referendum. 

The group is on schedule to collect the number of petition signatures needed, but still must vet and prepare the signatures for submission to the Board of Elections. 

Supporting this ballot initiative is our best—and only--remaining chance to influence this issue. If the petitioners are successful at getting CB 63-2020 on the ballot, then it will be residents making the decision, not the political progressives running County Government.