June 10, 2020
$4.5 Million Discovery During COVID-19 Lockdown
We hope you and your family, friends and colleagues are healthy and safe. Our team fortu nately has dodged COVID-19 so far, and we are eager to resume normal business practices soon.

Please remain acutely aware of the likelihood for increased fraud among debtors and portfolio companies as a result of the extraordinary economic downturn.

  • Be circumspect of a non-essential business that was financially fragile before the quarantine but now appears healthy.
  • At a minimum, review debtors'/portfolio companies' current 13-week cash flow forecasts every 2 - 3 weeks to identify problems as early as possible.
We have completed some interesting engagements during the COVID-19 Lockdown, including a Preference and Fraudulent Conveyance Analysis for a law firm where we uncovered $4.5 million in preference payments.

"Brandlin skillfully distilled large quantities of financial information into concise conclusions. They worked quickly and delivered user-friendly summary reports with well-organized supporting analysis.”
Scott F. Gautier , Chair, Corporate Restructuring and Bankruptcy Group
Robins Kaplan, LLP 
Here are the Details of our Work
Analyzed 977 individual bank statements spanning 38 months
from 53 bank accounts.
  • Identified missing bank accounts and statements for counsel.
  • Effectively used software tools for expediency and accuracy.
  • Manually inspected certain documents.
Reviewed approximately 8,600 transactions aggregating $628mm ($285mm in cash receipts and $343mm in cash disbursements).
  • Stratified cash disbursements by size.
  • Categorized transactions by payment method and reconciled activity.
  • Organized payments by beneficiary and credit parties.
Identified related-party disbursements exceeding
$4.5 million - in just 2 weeks.
Secured Finance Network Webinar
We joined Mark Fagnani, Senior Managing Director – Clear Thinking Group, LLC, on April 21, 2020 to present a webinar on Fraud Detection to Secured Finance Network members and guests. Click the image to review the presentation.
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