#4 On the road
with James Taylor and Jackson Browne!

Hi Good Guacfund Friends!
We're continuing our "on the road" with James and Jackson, by highlighting the non-profits tabling at this week's shows...
On 8/16, we travel to Nashville to visit with the Tennessee Environmental Council, whose mission is helping people and communities improve the environment, with thriving habitats, a circular economy, and climate balance in Tennessee. The council functions as an umbrella organization, bringing together many different organizations with diverse, but common priorities into focused advocacy in the state legislature on behalf of Tennessee's environment.
Currently, they are working on their "Soil Your Undies Challenge", which aims to provide a fun way for our community to develop an understanding of the interactions between soil microbes, land management practices, and carbon sequestration toward healthy and resilient soils. We will have free undies and instructions available for any concertgoer interested in taking part in the challenge. -- To join this unique challenge, visit www.tectn.org. We can't wait!
The next day, 8/17, we travel on with the tour to Duluth, Georgia, to learn about Nuclear Watch South, an organization we've worked with for years. They are actively opposing Georgia Power's colossally expensive, dangerous and unneeded Vogtle 3 & 4. The first nuclear reactors built in the U.S. in 40 years, the unfinished reactors are six years (and counting) behind schedule and 100% (so far) over budget to the tune of $30 BILLION. Georgia Power has made unprecedented profits from this Mother of All Boondoggles.
´╗┐Georgia also hosts the Kings Bay Trident nuclear submarine base on the Georgia Coast near the Florida line from which 25% of the U.S. nuclear arsenal is deployed. The U.S. is embarking upon a new nuclear arms race and as the COVID lockdown began last year, the base was awarded a half-billion dollar expansion contract in anticipation of a new fleet of subs and warheads. What we're really excited about, however, is the upcoming Get Off the Grid Fest in Chattanooga, TN, (two hours north of Atlanta) August 20-22. 2021. Three days of solar-powered rock and roll. This year's Get Off the Grid Fest manifesto is DEFUND NUCLEAR WEAPONS, FUND THE GREEN NEW DEAL. -- To join in, visit www.nonukesyall.org.
And after a day off, on 8/19 we go to Hershey, Pennsylvania to see Clean Water Fund/Action, who will be sharing information about their federal drinking water investment campaign, as well as a Pennsylvania campaign to reduce methane emissions from the oil and gas industry. Many US water systems still have lead service lines to homes, and a major barrier to removing them for years has been the cost to customers. With the infrastructure bills in Congress, now is the time to invest and finally get the lead out of our drinking water. For the local campaign. Our Pennsylvania office has worked for several years to get new state regulations to reduce methane emissions from the oil and gas industry, which provides one of the quickest reductions in greenhouse gasses. Climate change is water change.
If you're not there in person to chat with them, you can visit www.cleanwaterfund.org and cleanwater.org to learn more!
And in a quick note, we had some good news from Rochelle Becker at Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility, another great group we've worked with over the years. After 2 1/2 years the CPUC finally approved the settlement agreement on the Diablo nuclear power plant's decommissioning. A4NR prevailed in their efforts to expedite transfer of radioactive fuel to casks, which are much safer. This should result in all fuel being removed from the pools in 4 years and saves ratepayers $300 million. -- More at https://a4nr.org
We're so grateful for all of the work these groups do to create positive change, in a time that can be so discouraging. Thank you to them, and thank you to YOU, for supporting us and them in all of this important work!
See you "on the road" next week!
Tom, Paula, Jeffrey and Diane
The Guacamole Fund
Post Office Box 699
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

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