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$5 Classes at West End
Donation Class for Project Host Soup Kitchen
West End Traffic Patterns
Yoga Core Strength Workshop
Meet the Teacher: Cesar
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Centered On Your Health
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Southern Om is proud to offer a huge selection of clothing from lululemon, Alo and Manduka.  Not only will you have a new outfit for your next yoga class, you are supporting a local business!

Oh my! RUN, don't walk, to the Woodruff Road studio to see all the BRAND NEW LULULEMON that just arrived!!!

Lots of new yogitoes have arrived at both studio locations!

And we just got a brand new shipment of amazing clothes from your favorite West Coast Retailer...


We are so grateful it has finally started to feel like Spring outside!  There is something about this season of new growth that really speaks to us as we navigate having two Southern Om studios and welcoming many new students to our community.  And as with any type of growth, there are moments of stress quickly followed by moments of gratitude and joy.  

One area of stress for you, we recognize, is the traffic pattern getting to and from the West End studio now that construction barriers have been erected on both Rhett and Perry Avenue in association with the Greene Apartments under construction.

While it does require some extra navigation time, we assure you we are OPEN and we have plenty of free on-site parking for you when you arrive.  Read below for tips getting to and from West End and where you can park for free and when.
Two studios make it possible to have TWO donation classes in one night so we can raise even more money for local charities!  Thanks to your generosity last week, we gave over $250 to Project Host!  Thank you for showing up!

Now you have two great reasons to get out of bed on Saturday mornings - 8 am Southern Flow with Claire is now a $5 Community Class as is the 10 am Southern 26 with Ki.  Both are 90 minute classes.  Get up and get on your mat!

In this workshop, Maryanne will teach several different ways to slip strength building patterns in your practice and other small drills you can do on your own to find that internal core strength. Cost is $25. Sign up  here.

The last month can only be explained as we've added a second child to our lives :-)

Going from one studio to two has meant double the classes, double the staff and double the students - and we love it!  

We also love hearing from our community, so if you have suggestions for ways we can improve your experience or there is someone on our team you want to recognize - please drop us an email at sarah@southernom.com or pace@southernom.com.  We value your decision to practice with us, and our hope is that Southern Om continues to be your Oasis in a Busy Day!


Pace & Sarah Beattie
Head Towel Washers


The West End Studio has turned two of its Saturday morning classes into $5 Community Classes.

Join us every Saturday and pay just $5!

8 am
Southern Flow (90 min)

10 am
Southern 26 (90 min)

W e are so thrilled to be the first yoga studio in the state to offer "Far Infrared Heat" which is a leading therapy for a multitude of health issues. 

Radiant heat is healthy heat. Think of standing outside on a warm sunny day - remove the light from the sun and keep the heat. This is infrared heat. Infrared heat is the safest and most effective form of heating the body. Infrared heats objects, not the air, thus making it comfortable to practice yoga as well as increasing circulation and helping the body's natural processes kick in to eliminate waste and build up of lactic acid and environmental toxins. (Black, 2010).

The vast benefits of the Infrared heat panels includes; heart health, reduces cancer risk, helps healing post-cancer, improves arthritis, reduces pain, fi ghts diabetes, promotes cellular growth, increases and improves circulation, enhances muscular health, augments weight loss, stress reduction, and the experience of better sleep. WOW, talk about taking your yoga practice to the next level! Show your body and mind some love and try a class!

For more information visit www.yogapanels.com.


How can I find the studio?
Unlike our Woodruff Road location which is surrounded by national retailers like Whole Foods Market and REI, our West End studio is nestled in historical West End and not as easy to spot from the road.

This has become more challenging lately with the construction of The Greene Apartments on the corner of Perry Avenue and S. Main.  Citing safety concerns, they have blocked access to the studio from S. Main.

Tips for finding us:
We share a building with Nachman, Norwood & Parrott Wealth Managemen t and you will see the front of their office and their signage first.

From Augusta Road/Greenville High School:
  1. Take Vardry to S. Main Street, turn RIGHT - park for free along S. Main Street.  Walk down Perry Avenue and studio is on the left (across from giant apartment building under construction).

From West End/Fluor Field:

  1. Take Rhett from Markley, park in secondary parking lot marked Southern Om Additional Parking at corner of Rhett and Perry (straight ahead)
From downtown Greenville/385/Academy Street:
  1. Turn left onto Perry Avenue, and turn RIGHT into our primary or secondary parking lots.

Where can I park?
We have tried to make it super easy for you to park close by, but remember, there may be popular class times when you'll need to find street parking nearby.

  1. Southern Om has 9 designated spots within the NNP parking lot that are marked with 'Southern Om Parking Only' signs (see below).  We can use these anytime any day!
  2. There are designated spots on-site marked with the 'NNP Parking Only' signs that we can use BEFORE 8 a.m. and AFTER 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and anytime on the weekends.
  3. Plus, we have an additional off-site parking lot adjacent to the property that is marked with a big Southern Om Parking sign behind the building that we can use anytime any day.
  4. There is free street parking along South Main Street, Perry Avenue and other adjoining streets.
Got questions?
Call us at 864.520.8777
See you in the West End!

Yoga Core Strength Workshop
Saturday, May 19 from 2-4 pm
with Maryanne Abdulhadi
West End Studio
We see advertisements and videos of yoga postures and it looks effortless- until you do it and realize it takes some strength! Most yoga teachers get asked how students can get stronger in their core to help with back pain. Maryanne, our Southern Om Ashtanga Teacher offers one of the most strength building practices. 

In this workshop, Maryanne will teach several different ways to slip strength building patterns in your practice and other small drills you can do on your own to find that internal core strength. Your strength awaits, we just need to find the key to unlock it. In this workshop we will break down some reasons you may be lacking strength (maybe due to job, injury, or just a new practitioner) and create new patterns to build a foundation to keep building strength with your flexibility. This is an all levels workshop!

Cost is $25 per person.  Please bring a mat, mat towel and water.   Sign up  here .

Still got questions?
Email us at info@southernom.com and we have all the answers!

Meet Cesar Salas, the newest addition to our teaching staff! He's originally from Mexico but was raised in South Carolina. He's had an immense love of yoga since high school, and that led him to obtaining his 200 hr certification in 2017 through the Expand Your Power program offered by the Baptiste Institute. 

He's a vegetarian and loves carbs more than life! His animated personality and warm smile is infused into his yoga teaching style. 

H is best buddy is Theodore, his dog. 

You can catch Cesar teaching our Southern Flow series on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6 am at the West End studio!


Are you getting all the perks you deserve at Southern Om?

Do you know about Perkville?  This amazing incentive program allows you to earn points that you can put towards yoga, or anything in the boutique just by practicing yoga at Southern Om!  You can even earn points by referring friends or posting on social media about your experience at the studio.  Visit our  website  for more information!

It is easy to get started!  Shortly after your first visit to SO, you will receive an email from Perkville.   Open the email and register using the same email address you gave to SO. 

How to Earn Points:
  • Earn 5 points automatically whenever you attend a class!
  • Earn 10 points when you post about us on Facebook!*
  • Earn 10 points when you Tweet about us!*
  • Earn 20 points by following us on Twitter!*
  • Earn 20 points if you refer a friend to our Intro Special**
  • Earn 30 points by writing a review on a popular website***  
Point Values:

150pts = $15 credit

250pts = $25 credit

500pts = $50 credit

You can use your credit towards anything in the Boutique, as well as yoga classes.

Megan shows off her new Manduka bolster that was purchased with hard earned Perkville points!
Health & Happiness Tips
Centered On Your Health
Why We Feel Out of Balance in the Spring
by Tiffany Cruikshank
Courtesy of yogajournal.com

Spring is a time of regeneration, growth, and expansion. However, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), spring can also be a time when feelings of irritability, frustration, or anger sink in. This free-flow sequence can help.

Spring is a time of regeneration, growth, and expansion in our bodies, minds, and in the planning of our lives. However, according to  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), spring can also be a time when feelings of irritability, frustration, or anger sink in, and yoga can be an incredibly effective tool to work with them.

Why We Feel Out of Balance in the Spring
In TCM, spring is associated with the wood element and an inherent sense of growth and renewal. The organs associated with the wood element are the liver and gallbladder. The liver is related to our ability to make plans and bring our goals and aspirations to life, but to do this requires flexibility in the process. Like bamboo, we must be able to bend while at the same time be strong enough to keep growing. The gallbladder represents our ability to make clear and timely decisions and the courage to carry them out.

Much like in Western medicine, in TCM, the liver and gallbladder organs are essential for our body's capacity to process both physically (detoxification) and emotionally. In our modern-day world, the wood element (liver and gallbladder) is represented as our type A tendencies. In balance, these tendencies show up as our ability to create, cultivate, and bring our goals to life. Out of balance, they appear as stress, tension, irritability, anger, feeling stuck, restlessness, frustration, and of all the maladies that can be a manifestation of stress, in particular tension headaches, hypertension, PMS, mood fluctuations, and indigestion, to name a few. 

Disharmony in the wood element can show up at any time of year, but it tends to be more predominant in the spring. With the need to move and grow, imbalance here often shows up as stagnation, so a yoga practice can be an effective way to work with this element or to help create balance.

Though there are many pathologies that can show up in the liver and gallbladder from a TCM perspective, liver qi (energy) stagnation is by far the most common. In our type A, goal-oriented society, it's also one of the most common TCM diagnoses. Whether you work 50+ hours a week, are a full-time parent, a student, several of the above, or none of the above, you could probably benefit from a liver-focused practice to shed some of your stress, anger, and frustration.

How Yoga Can Help
The most important thing to take note of is the your quality of movement in your yoga practice. The liver thrives on smooth movement with a sense of ease. For instance, if you're short on time, you may simply do a few slow, easy  Sun Salutations to get the liver qi and circulation going.  Kapalabhati pranayama is another great one when you're short on time or don't have your mat.

Pay close attention to the quality of your breath as well-only linger on the breath as long as there is still a sense of ease. Type A personalities usually get themselves into trouble in one of two places: moving too fast and jerky, or pushing too hard in their yoga practice. Let go of your attachment to poses looking a certain way, and focus instead on the internal quality of the pose.

As you move through your regular yoga practice this season, try connecting to a sense of free flow through the body. Look for resistant or stagnant areas and breathe through them. Spring is a great time for a group yoga class-the liver thrives on slow-flow classes to create movement and ease.

Read more here .
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