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Fall  2014  Newsletter
     Merry Christmas!
Its been a good year. Lets remember what is important in our lives.

1003 Glades Rd. , Gatlinburg, TN.  - 1-888-728-5687 US / 1-800-567-3220 Cdn
Good bye's- Giveaways - Charity
Hey its time for snowmen and family and fun. Paul and I wish you the happiest of holidays filled with love and cheer. May the Christmas star shine upon you through the whole year. We thank you sincerely for bringing Paul's art into your family home. May the peace he tries to share in his work fill all of your days. We cherish your support and wish you sunshine and smiles in the 2015 year.
News & Changing Colors & Snow!
Halloween Snow sets the mood
Halloween and snow, what a beautiful sight. I spent hours shooting out in our yard. Here are a couple of the pictures. Many are on facebook. Paul Murray Gallery facebook

We have changes all around the Paul Murray TN Gallery. The house has been painted outside and inside. We have added 3 new artists and will have wood work and crafters in the spring. Stop by to see us. More details next news letter.

Enjoy, Jo's fall decor - 2 bears in a tree aren't bothered by the snow, She did a great job this year. Paul says Jo truly outdid herself this year. Thanks Jo. If you like an image on here or facebook, email me and I will make sure you get a notecard to buy this year. email Kati-Jane now

Paul made some pretty awesome stews this fall. I am really sorry ya'll had to miss them. 
Real wood smoked stew, yummmm! So now you know what is in one of the pots on the fire. 

Paul Murray exhibit - The complete body & soul experience....that saves big and gives big
Great Savings- Best Buys to you - support the best cause - Fight Cancer
"Art at the Spa"  Estetica Spa is hosting Paul Murray.  Buy your favorite Murray now and up to 50% off everything.  Never seen before originals. All reduced drastically to entice you to add to your Paul Murray Collection and help this the "Cure for Cancer".     Once its gone its gone. 
You get more......

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- Lil Miss and One Wish are an extra $50 Off their discounted prices....a low $145...
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- Estetica  $20... Gift when you buy from us Dec 1 to Jan 10th
- Paul is giving away$10,000 in art and Paul Murray money, get a year of chances to win, multiple tickets with every purchase.
- Proceeds to Windsor Essex Cty Cancer Society
- you can ask for the free gift.....Share , and send this to your friends.
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Hours:  Tues to Fri 10:30 to 9pm - Sat. 10:30 to 5pm Sundays starting Dec 14 11-3


Estetica Day Spa 40 Amy Croft Dr, just off the Manning Rd exit on Hwy 401.
Get off the bridge and come straight to me. The top quality spa, and the top quality artist have joined forces. Help us make a difference!

Anything you've been wanting? Now's the time to check in, save big and give at the same time. Phone orders accepted.

Just call Kati-Jane and she'll make you a deal you won't believe. 800-567-3220 or 
New P Murray 2nd location - Gabriel's Horn
In Gabriel horn gallery with the best unique local talent, yep that includes trolls too! We fit together just fine don't you think
Dottie host of new location - Gabriels Horn

This winter Paul Murray Gallery will be open Friday's & Saturday's 10:30 to 5pm and by appointment OR you can stop by the Arts & Crafts Village at Gabriel's Horn to purchase the work.  Dottie is small but full of fun and great product. Some of the oldest and best of the mountains, weaving cloths, trolls, art, jewelry. Tell he Kati-Jane sent you.  170 Glades Rd ph: 430-5610 web image
Email Kati-Jane now and order your favorite image.
It's a Hit  - New  museum Maxi prints larger stronger
Near 4 times the size  at great saving

New Museum Maxi Prints Regular $55 now 
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The emotional impact of Murray's pieces resonates thru the eyes, were soul of the character captured. These larger maxi images, have a strong presence.  Start your collection small keep most images available.
Email Kati-Jane now and order your favorite image.
New Originals at the Best Prices ever!
New Originals for sale the last few at great discount prices - proceeds to cancer research - to help our neighbor.

 Sleeping Briar pencil study (see larger progression of this below)Value $1250 Now $855

Caped Coat study Value $1495/ Now $855

 Caped Coat Study
Value $1550 Now $795
Caped Coat   Value $4850 NOW $2450

Winter Dry Dock Value $8500 Now $4750

Marie- Sun & Sorrow Value $3800 Now $1695

Briar Study  Value $16,500
 Now $8735

Dreams 2 OR Value UP There / Now $9800

Hair Days $4500 Now $2650

Zoe' pencil study for pastel 1984  

Value $2600 / Now $985


Sleeping Briar close up 

see above for details 

1-800-567-3220 or email   Email Kati-Jane 

Colored pencil "Coalminers Kid - Study Value $12,000 Now Low price
call for price. 800-567-3220/ 519-377-7979 cell Kati-Jane

 Aunt Emily Reg $ 2950/ 

Now $1550   SOLD


 Oil Study  Wormwood  SOLD



  Pencil Moonshiner

 Value $2850  Now $1785  SOLD 


 Pencil Shoe Strings Value $1550/ Now $785  SOLD


 Shutter Window Pencil -Reg.$3550/ Now $1550  SOLD


 "Caped Coat-Oil" Regular $5500/   NOW $2950  SOLD


 "Hadae Mae & Ol'Persuader" oil  reg. $5850 SOLD


 Hideaway Pencil Reg. $1850/ Now  $955  SOLD


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 Rabbit Oil wash study

40% OFF New Prints - Now only

"Awake Asleep Detail" Reg. 195 / Now $135
New Releases -
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new canvases
Finally "Awake Asleep Finished Detail - FD" 
is ready for delivery
Only 150 available 

Sale Now $135 
She's on canvas and only needs a frame. No mats, glass, no cost.

If you get a gallery wrap, there is no frame
needed at all

 "Towards the Final Light" 
Won TOP 25 of 1550 artists

The Newest Paul Murray masterpiece. Still in the finishing stages, Joey and Clyde (the horse) won over many hearts. The soulful and intimate moment you share with Joey and his friend emanates a powerful and peaceful feeling.
Now pre-order for 40% OFF. Reserve your special low number now, very small editions.
"Towards the FInal Light" - order prints now  - save 40%.
Detail of "Towards the Final Light "  Joseph left people in awe!
Paul won top 25 out of 1550 artists with the people's vote in Grand Rapids in Sept/Oct. We are going next year and hopefully we will get a venue with more than 10% of the traffic when it compares to the museums. The BOB was the best private venue and top in traffic for it's class.

 small canvas giclee' -      18"h x 33"w    Reg. $355 /     Now $185

        Large paper -           28" h x  52"w  Reg. $899 /      Now $540  only 150 available

    Original size - canvas giclee'   32"h x 59" w    Reg. $2550 / Now $1550  only 25 available

Silk'n Satin with gun pencil is available for the same prices  sizes are: H" x W"
18 x 30"  Reg $335  NOW starting at $165   On Museum Canvas, minimal framing cost if any at all!
"Silk'n Satin w/gun" new print  @ 40% off 
"Madonna's  Man-yana" or 
Mother's tomorrow,  
Private Print Edition - of 50 only - SOLD OUT
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Only a few Artist Proofs available 
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Mother's Tomorrow
Canvas editions are 4 times the quality for 
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And the Winners are? - Thank you from Paul Murray - he's giving $10,000 away in art! 
Thank you for supporting us and for bragging on us!

We honor your support with a Paul Murray  $10,000 giveaway - ALL YEAR LONG. Winners are in every email from us LOOK for winners from our gallery red ticket draw and our facebook sweepstakes. 

Dec 5 Red Ticket winners are:

$50 Gift Certificate
$50 Gift Certificate
$50 Gift Certificate
$100 Gift Certificate
Denim Attic Collection Free Value $45
Lil Miss Canvas edition Value $295
$25 Gift Certificate
Tenn. Moonshiner & Still
Lil Josh Limited print /680 

July- Aug 30th Facebook sweepstakes winners where:
1st Place                   Linda Bobst     "All Mine' worth $265
        Red Ticket purchaser Draw  winner was Sept 2015:
Wilma Mounce won $650 limited ed book "Mirrored Souls"

Red ticket winners are drawn from all purchases,  everyone get a chance to win every month so 
KEEP YOUR TICKETS until you are told not too, approx. 1 year.

All winners have 30 days, and must call us, to claim, at 1-865-436-8445 / 1-519-387-8445.
A Gift and Wish for you From Paul Murray
ou can help from anywhere just call Kati-Jane and place your order

One Wish for a Cure"     Dec 1 - Jan 10    WIndsor, ON      Estetica Spa      
Cancer Fundraiser -    
   Spa website   

Paul Murray Original SHOW & Fundraiser - Buy "One Wish" and "Lil Miss" 
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  • $50 Gift Certificate above use at any Paul Murray Gallery and help Cancer Cure!
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"It's a true joy being here. I have never been at such a joyful and calming place. Come by for a hug and a visit!"  Kati Jane Murray

Hours are: 
Tues. to Friday 10:30 to 7:30 or later  
Saturdays 10:30 - 5 pm  
hours extend after Dec 13th

Kati- Jane is waiting for your visit.  Phone 519-377-7979 or 800-567-3220
Best Wishes and Thanks to our Patrons
We thank you for another year of your support. We have been working hard to give you the best prices for one of North America's most talented artist. This world we live in can keep you running away from the peaceful moments that soothes the heart; this is were the art of Paul Murray comes in, were the greatest detail is emotion. We thank you for taking time to purchase one so we can keep on going and giving back to you and to charities. 

There is a chance we may have to close for a few months after November 15. Please call before you come, we will open up for you.....We'll keep the light on for you!
Keep an eye out for emails that name winners of our red ticket sales, and our facebook giveaways.
Have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas, be safe ad be blessed.         
Kati-Jane Murray

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Paul Murray Gallery Tenn. 
Hours: Open a few Days a week Until March 15,
- by Appointment - just call, the staff is just across the street.
You have Paul Murray on call. 
 Fri - Sat  10:30 - 5pm,  or call talk to Kati-Jane or Jo or Nadine