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We made it! As a special thank you to our families and staff for keeping the inspiration of music alive during this challenging unprecedented time, we are offering $50 to you and $50 to your friend for referrals.*

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We are CLOSED for online and in person lessons on the following days:
Thanksgiving Break: November 24-28 (Re-Open on 11/29)
Winter Break: December 20-January 2 (Re-Open on 1/3)
We are excited to announce our December 2020 Virtual Concert Dates!
Rehearsal: December 6 4pm
Performance: December 13 4pm
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We ask our students to achieve album recordings, theory, and original composition for our Medal Level Program. Medals of Distinction goes further - these students demonstrate mastery, artistry, and hard work in each element. We are enormously proud of how far all our students have come through this unprecedented time.
Isha, age 16, ISM Drum student since February 2019, is awarded a Medal of Distinction for Medal Level 4!
Jackson, age 11, ISM Drum student since 2017, receiving his Medal Level of Distinction!
Simoni, age 12, ISM Piano student since 2016, receives her Medal Level of Distinction! She was chosen for completing and submitting her medal level, going above and beyond, demonstrating mastery and artistry in each element of the medals!
We are celebrating our piano student Keira (Age 11)! Keira has been with the Irvine School of Music for over four years, and started out in Piano Teams! She is currently taking private piano lessons from Teacher Daniel! She had this to say about her experiences:

  • Are there any tips you can offer other students practicing at home in between classes?
  • I recommend practicing every day for at least 15 minutes on each song. I try to get it in everyday to create a habit. It’s good to set a schedule.
  • What is your favorite color?
  • My favorite color is light blue or light purple.
  • What school do you go to?
  • I go to Stone Creek Elementary School.
  • What do you enjoy most about your lessons here?
  • I enjoy how Mr. Daniel composes my favorite songs, like Thunder from imagine Dragons or Be Happy by Dixie Damelio so I can play it on the piano.
  • What would you like to be when you grow up?
  • When I grow up, I want to be a pharmacist, doctor, or nurse practitioner.
Violin Student, Emma Quan
Teacher Anna says, your bow control is excellent!
Keep up the great work!
Voice Student, Sean Hanson
Teacher Vincent says, you've worked so hard to free up and open your voice. Continue the great work!
Drum Student, Frank Lee
Teacher Peter says, in just a short amount of time you've become a progressive drummer who plays with ease and comfort.
Keep up the wonderful progress!
Music theory students, Rhea & Vedant Dayal
Teacher Salomeh says, your hard work is shining through and I'm so proud to be your teacher!
Keep up the amazing progress!
A multi-instrumentalist and composer, Mr. Jordan teaches guitar, piano, drums, and ukulele. His styles diversify from Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Soul and Mariachi! With a specialization in early child learning Mr. Jordan specializes in a technique called Zone of Proximal Development for student learning confidence and success in both private and group settings.

Mr. Jordan is a member of the National Association for Music Education (NAFME), and also enjoys reading, writing, and music production in his free time.

With 7 years of teaching experience in private, group, and public school settings, Mr. Jordan describes his teaching style as innovative, engaging, and personalized, and loves tailoring curriculums to the individual needs of the student, as well as bringing multiculturalism into the classroom. Mr. Jordan is currently pursuing his Masters in Music from USC, and holds a Bachelor’s in Music from Ohio State in composition and theory.
With his Bachelors in Music Technology and Production from the University of North Florida, he is also currently working towards a Masters Degree in Studio/Jazz Guitar Performance from the University of Southern California. He has over 7 years teaching experience, and while his favorite styles to teach are pop and jazz, he also teaches blues, rock, funk, fusion, country, bluegrass, soul, and neo-soul. 

He teaches all ages and levels, and his approach with younger students relies on demonstration and inspiration. His approach to group lessons is to teach a concept, make sure each student learns the concept on an individual basis and then go over it as a group.

 His greatest strengths as a teacher are his patience and positive reinforcement, as well as his animated personality. He excels at presenting musical concepts in a clear, easily understood way, and his teaching style is described as individualized, intuitive, and encouraging. 

Outside of teaching, Jake’s outside commitments include freelance performing, and he is also a session guitarist, arranger, and producer. He has also written original songs, and in his free time he enjoys hiking and running.
With his Masters in performance composition from California Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts), Malachi has been teaching for almost 20 years. His favorite styles to teach are jazz, classical, pop, hip hip, and R & B. 

When teaching any instrument, his approach for younger students is to use lots of examples and make sure to emphasize the importance of practice! His approach to teams classes for younger kids is to make sure they all learn as a group. 

His teaching style is described as understanding and patient, and he always listens to his students. His greatest strengths as a teacher are his empathy, patience, and compassion, which he utilizes during his group and private lessons. Malachi is also a composer! 

In his free time when he is not teaching for the Irvine School of Music, he enjoys sports and anime!
With her Masters in Music Performance in Voice from California State University, Northridge, Katrina has been teaching for more than 8 years. Her favorite styles to teach are classical, pop, and musical theatre. 

When teaching any instrument, Ms. Katrina’s approach for younger students is to focus on their development while working on building a strong foundation. Her approach to teams classes is to focus on activities that bring the students together.

Her teaching style is described as student-centered, encouraging, and adaptive, and she always tailors her lessons to her students individual growth. Her greatest strengths as a teacher are her adaptability, willingness to grow with the student, and her vast technical knowledge, which she utilizes in both her group and private lessons. 

In her free time when she is not teaching for the Irvine School of Music, Ms. Katrina enjoys baking, sewing, and outdoor rec activities.
We are so proud of our students who have completed their album of pieces that are required, theory sheets, and original composition as well as technique and ear training. Our fabulous medal level curriculum includes theory, recordings to document students progress, and original composition!
Guitar- Adiv K., Anya R., and Mia L.
Piano- Nolan P., and Bella L.
Violin- Ariel X.
Voice- Aniksha G.

Viloin- Cooper M.

Guitar-Lukas K.
Piano- Ananya D.
Violin- Amogh K.

Guitar- Rishi T., Oliver Z., and Isaac Y.
Piano- Ellie Y.
Violin- Richard C.

Level 5 Piano- Aarav H.
Level 6 Piano- Jayden T.
Level 9 Piano- Kinh T.
Level 11 Piano- Aidan G.

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