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Matt Bray had a goal: dance with 1,000 people around the world. And as a new video he uploaded to YouTube proves, he’s accomplished it. Bray, who’s been making YouTube videos for about six years according to his Patreon profile, pretty much defines the carpe diem spirit with his feel-good content, which is all part of what he calls “Project One Life.”

In his 1,000 person dance video, Bray tapped a seemingly endless series of strangers to serve as backup dancers in set choreography. They’re filmed everywhere from the courtyard of the Louvre in Paris to the front of Sydney’s famous Opera House to a viewpoint overlooking Peru’s Machu Picchu.

“The whole purpose of this channel is to enjoy the one life we are given and live life to the fullest,” his Patreon further explains. 

For More on Matt and his project, CLICK HERE.