#6 On the road
with James Taylor and Jackson Browne!

Greetings GuacFunders!!

A special note from Jackson is below, but first, we're coming up on the last shows of this part of Jackson's & James tour, so we close out our fantasy on-the-road by visiting with Clean Water Action/Fund.

At the show in Camden, New Jersey, Clean Water Action/Fund tabled on August 25th, and will again in Holmdel, New Jersey on the 28th. Clean Water Fund is dedicated to creating a clean water-clean energy future, in New Jersey and across the country.

Right now, Clean Water Fund is organizing campaigns to: 

  • Get lead out of contact with drinking water; end pollution from PFAS "forever chemicals" that contaminate our water and our bodies;
  • phase out coal-fired and nuclear power, and help communities protect their water and health from drilling and fracking for oil and gas;
  • tackling the tsunami of single-use plastic trash that costs taxpayers a fortune to clean up and ends up flowing downstream and into our water and our oceans;
  • pushing to repeal the Dirty Water, climate-strangling policies of the previous [Trump] administration and replace them with stronger protections for our water, our health and our climate;
  • and joining with community allies to advance the cause of climate justice, make sure the economic benefits of climate solutions lift up lower-income communities, and end policies that saddle communities of color with the worst pollution problems.

-- Remember: We All Live Downstream. -- Please visit www.cleanwater.org and www.cleanwaterfund.org for more info!

Today we also want to highlight an important note from Jackson, on how to help the people of Haiti amid the devastation of the recent earthquake they've suffered. You may have seen this on Jackson's social media, but we felt it was important to share it for those who missed it... please remember that even the smallest donation provides essential help. 

The Artist Institute of Haiti is the school I support, whom I worked with, and where we recorded the album, Let The Rhythm Lead. While Jacmel and the Institute survived both the earthquake and the subsequent storm, the surrounding areas were hard hit and are in need of help. Below are some trusted places they suggest to donate. I wholeheartedly hope, if you are able, that you will join in the relief efforts. -- Jackson

Haiti Health / St. Boniface Haiti Foundation is the largest hospital in the region. https://healthequityintl.org/earthquake-relief-2021

FOKAL is passing donations to local grassroots partners. https://secure.givelively.org/fokal-haiti-relief

Hope for Haiti in Les Cayes has deep ties to the region. https://hopeforhaiti.com

Locally Haiti in Petit Trou de Nippes has been doing mobile clinics, taking the care to those who can’t reach it. https://www.locallyhaiti.org

St Luke Foundation sent an emergency team in support to the affected area. https://www.stlukehaiti.org

Thanks again for being part of our "road trip" with the tour! We hope you found it heartening to meet so many good folks giving of themselves for a better, safe, more just world. We know it restores our hope, and inspires us to keep going. We can *all* make a difference! 
We'll see you soon!

Tom, Paula, Jeffrey and Diane
The Guacamole Fund
Post Office Box 699
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

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