July 2021

According to NewVoiceMedia.com, U.S. companies lose more than $62 billion annually due to poor customer service. DON'T be part of that statistic!

In this month's newsletter, we'll highlight two ways we can protect and enhance your customer service.

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Customized Scripts

We work with you to develop, finesse and plan a well-researched call flow which gives our receptionists the advantage of assisting your clients with ease.
Office Closure for Labor Day? Let Us Know!
Is your office closed on Labor Day? Columbus Day? For a Staff Meeting?

We are always here to support you when the unexpected happens, but please let us know of any changes in your schedule in advance when you can. Our goal is to inform and serve you and your clients effectively and efficiently.
On•Call Dispatch
We can access your calendars and relay messages to the right person at the right time.

Multiple calendars? Not an issue for us! We can manage 100+ calendars based on product type, locations, type of service or time of day! Let us know your needs and we’ll make it happen.
Industry News

Customers are fed up with being told they are getting poor service "because of Covid", according to research.
Firms are being accused of using the pandemic as an excuse for long waits on the telephone or late deliveries, the UK Institute of Customer Service said.
It said that consumers were initially tolerant of delays and other issues as businesses fought to cope with the effects of the crisis.
But it said a blanket excuse was no longer sufficient.

Amazon grew into the behemoth it is today in part as a result of an obsession with its customers. Many of the lessons the company learned along the way can benefit your business too, says John Rossman, a former Amazon executive. Rossman just released the third edition of The Amazon Way, a book aimed at helping business owners translate Amazon's unique culture and management practices into usable opportunities. Here are four customer service tips he recommends you borrow from the e-commerce giant.