High Shear Mixers Available

(7) Scott Turbon 25 HP Units - Just Added to Inventory

(7) Scott Turbon model TM5A-25XP high shear mixers. Driven by 25 HP, 230/460V, 3/60Hz, 3535 RPM direct connect motor. Complete with 2" diameter x 6'10" long stainless steel shafts, model "B" mixer heads, features a 6" diameter toothed disk, which enhances the flow characteristics of the batch. Mixers were never put into full service and in very good condition.

High Shear Mixers:

S735056 Mixer, High Shear, 5 HP, Ross, MDVC-4, Jkt, Agit, S/st,
S741946 Mixer, High Shear, 3 HP, Silverson, Mdl 150/250 MS, S/st
C741878 Mixer, High Shear, Arde Barinco, Mdl C1-05535S045BL, S/st
C741877 Mixer, High Shear, Arde-Barinco, Mdl C1-05535S, 304 S/st
S740785 Mixer, High Shear, Granulator, Key, KG-5, 316 S/st, 1 HP
S534867 Mixer, High Shear, Inline, APV, 30 HP, S/st
S737364 Mixer, High Shear, Inline, Westfalia, S/st, 2 In/out,
C741332 Mixer, High Intensity, Papenmeir, 24 X 24, Tub
S740783 Mixer, High Shear, Ross, Mdl HSM 401SC2, 316 S/St, 2 HP
S741985 Mixer, High Shear, Scott Turbon, 25 HP, S/st, TM5A-25XP, (7)

Colloid Mills:

S741945 Mill, Colloid, Charlotte, Mdl SD2, S/st, 3 HP
S738239 Mill, Colloid, Fryma, Type MZ-80/A, S/st, 3 HP,
S741512 Mill, Colloid, Gifford-Wood, Mdl Micro 81, S/st, Jkt,
C735720 Mill, Colloid, Goulds, Mdl SD2-0, S/st, 25 HP,
C534901 Mill, Colloid, Greerco, Mdl W-500-H, S/st, 10 HP,
S464905 Mill, Colloid, Morehouse, Mdl A-200, 3/4 HP,
S739425 Mill, Colloid, Premier, Mdl 3UB7, S/st


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