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A Clark School professor and alumnus are co-authors on a paper recently published in  Nature Communications about their work to engineer bacteria to hunt down pathogens in the gut. The global team of synthetic biologists and bioengineers say their research can help inform the fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
Maryland Governor Larry Hogan authorized $7.5 million in funding to create the Maryland Energy Innovation Institute at the University of Maryland, an initiative that will catalyze clean energy research programs at academic institutions in the state and attract and develop private investment in clean energy innovation and commercialization.
Aerospace engineering Professor of Practice Marshall Kaplan was recently awarded a U.S. patent for “Apparatus and Methods for Orbital Debris Removal.” With the ever-increasing concern over the volume of debris in orbit around Earth, there has been a growing number of approaches for tackling the orbital debris problem.
The spring 2017 issue of E@M magazine is here! Our cover features alumna Jeanette Epps, recently named as the first African American to serve as a long duration crew member of the International Space Station. Read to discover donor and alumni profiles, student news and research updates, and more. Check out more issues of E@M here.