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Why YOU Will Benefit from Getting "7 CREAM"
7 Cream 7 Cream is a natural skin cream that has become our best-selling medicine over the past several years...and with GOOD reasons.  7 Cream works incredibly well to treat a wide variety of skin problems, including for many people who seem to have tried "everything"!

7 Cream is made with Manuka Honey and Manuka Oil with the addition of 6 other healing ingredients: Calendula (marigold), Aloe (that great herb for burns), Neem (India's leading botanical remedy), Shea butter, Avocado, and Coconut oils. 

What is also great is that we provide a 10% discount when you order just one tube...and we offer a 40% (!) discount when you order 5 or more tubes.  Many of our customers sell 7 Cream to their friends and their patients...

2012 is the 7th year in which 7 Cream has been available. It was always fantastic for dry skin, wound healing, burns, skin irritations, and for eczema and dermatitis in combination with homeopathic treatment, and it has a good, solid history of being safe, non-irritating and non-toxic. However, 7 Cream has never stopped evolving, and with recent improvements in ingredients and manufacturing techniques, plus a great new mild scent of Geranium, this skin cream is better than ever!

I highly recommend having a tube of 7 Cream in the house at all times. As a burn cream in the kitchen it is unsurpassed. For cuts, abrasions, dryness, skin irritations, bug bites and in conjunction with other treatments for every type of skin condition, like eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis, there is nothing like it.  I have even heard that many people use it on the various animals.

And if you like 7 Cream, you will love 7 Balm.  7 Balm is made with the same high-quality ingredients, but no water.  It is great for your lips!  When you order 5 or more of 7 Balm, you get that special 40% discount!

7 Cream is made in Canada and is registered with the Health Canada and the FDA.

If you are already a fan of 7 Cream, you already know how great it is, and if you have not tried it yet, give Homeopathic Educational Services a call (or order it at our website by clicking here)! 

-- This cream is the only thing I can use on my face right now (side effects from chemo have my skin in very dry mode and flakey).

-- ......is a great fan and the cream has cured her one year old child's dry skin.......7 Cream flies out of here. Brilliant.

-- We love your 7 cream. It lasts a very long time (goes a long way) and is so healing on so many things it is incredible - thanks for making this fabulous remedy!

-- Dermatitis and infection had left my skin very very dry with tiny openings where the eruptions had been and obviously the split where the infection had gone in had still not healed. I couldn't bend my fingers properly, the hand was very swollen and the palm of my hand underneath the ring finger felt incredibly tight and very dry....... I wanted something with healing properties and also something with anti-bacterial properties to try and stop it happening again as I do travel a number of times a year. To get to my point, I am totally amazed at the results. My skin has healed so quickly, doesn't feel dry and doesn't look dry even a few hours after the last application. It definitely doesn't sting on application either. Importantly (for me anyway, especially during the day) it is non-greasy and absorbs really quickly with no sticky residue. To look at my skin, you would never know that just one to two weeks ago the patch under my ring finger looked in a very very sorry state. Thank you Robin - I have told everyone and anyone who will listen about it, friends, relatives, patients, homeopathic colleagues and lecturers. We have also used the lip balm (I also used this on my hands) and a friend remarked that one application had stopped the dryness of her lips and they were still not feeling dry a number of hours later. I'm so glad that I did try it again! You're right - it is something special!

-- I just wanted to tell you that I am having great success using your 7 Cream for patients - and my husband - with solar keratoses. The nurses at our local health center are expressing surprise and tremendous interest in your product because of its amazing healing properties, and want to know how to obtain it. Also 7 Balm is fantastic for cold sores and cracked lips and a great lip balm that has no nasties in it! I have not yet used the upgraded versions but look forward to doing so when I need some more. Congratulations on a marvelous product.

-- I recently purchased a tube of 7 Cream for my little girl who is just 9 months old. She suffers from very bad eczema and is also being treated with homeopathy. I have found the cream to be very soothing on her skin.

-- I was fortunate to try some (7Cream) on my son's skin and cannot believe the results already.

-- I must tell you that I have tried all the prescribed creams from the doctor and all the over the counter creams and Seven is the best cream I have found yet to stop the itching and heal the cuts and rash. Thank you. 
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Dana Ullman, MPH
Homeopathic Educational Services