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"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."

~ William James ~

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Monthly Budgeting - 8 Great Apps

Hi Laura. Welcome summer! With longer days and warmer weather, who wants to think about taxes and finances?!? The answer, we all should.

We in the office were just discussing how ridiculously high the cost of everything has gotten: gas, food, utilities - everything! The question arises, have you looked at your budget recently? Excel has a wonderful budget template called the Personal Monthly Budget template. It helps you get a grasp of where your funds are truly going so that you can review your costs and ask some important questions:

  • How can I reduce these costs?
  • Do I really need that item?
  • Are there other ways to increase my income?

Check out this article by NerdWallet about the 8 best budget apps for 2022.

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Happy Summer!

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The Ultimate Guide to Bulletproof Habits

In three words, here is the secret to living at a level of success beyond your wildest dreams:

Make your bed.

The most direct, fulfilling route to greatness is not through grand strategy, clever maneuvers, inborn talent or the right connections; it's the path of small, consistent and patient steps repeated again and again.

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Keep Your Grill Clean

Here is a great way to clean your grill NATURALLY this summer.

Tools:  Lemon Halves & Salt

Technique: Make sure the grill is heated. Rub the lemon halves with salt and then swipe the lemon halves on the grill grates.

Result:  The acid of the lemons will sterilize the grill and cut the grease. Naturally!!

June Calendar-at-a-Glance

June 6th - McHenry Country Property Tax Due Date

June 8th - Best Friends Day

June 14th - Flag Day

June 15th - Second Quarter Estimate Tax Payments Due

June 19th - Father's Day

June 21st - June Solstice/First Day of Summer!

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