#9 On the road
with James Taylor and Jackson Browne & Non-Profit Tabling !

Hello Guacamole Friends!
We re-join you this week to introduce you to the next batch of great non-profit organizations we’ve coordinated for information tabling on the James & Jackson tour! Read on for inspiration and information…
On October 27th, we’re in Tacoma, Washington, talking with Heart of America Northwest, the “public’s voice for Hanford cleanup and nuclear safety in the Northwest”. Hanford is the most contaminated area in North America, the legacy of nine nuclear reactors that produced Plutonium for nuclear weapons, an operating commercial reactor and over 40 miles of leaking unlined trenches into which radioactive waste was dumped. Contamination is seeping into the fifty miles of the Columbia River flowing through Hanford. Heart of America Northwest is leading the campaign to force the US Department to empty waste from a leaking High-Level Nuclear Waste tank. The USDOE plans to abandon waste along the Columbia River in violation of Treaties and threatening the health of Tribal Nations for thousands of years. In addition to their campaigns, Heart of America NW runs a training program for Tribal and environmental law students and public health students to train our next generation of activists. Learn more about this critical work at: www.hanfordcleanup.org

On October 29th, we’re down the west coast to San Francisco. There, we’re tabling with Pacific Forest Trust. Their mission is to sustain America's forests for all of their public benefits of wood, water, wildlife, and people's well-being, in cooperation with landowners and communities.They are a visionary "think-and-do" non-profit organization of scientists, conservationists, policy wonks, entrepreneurs, and outdoor enthusiasts that has helped shape forest conservation and climate policy since 1993. Engaging the science, business, forestry, conservation, sustainability, environmentalist, tribal, and rural communities they find common ground in protecting forests. At their table, they’ll share information about PFT's hands-on forest conservation work and policy efforts, highlighting the importance of protecting forests. PFT led a coalition or nearly 40 groups, that helped to secure proactive investments in forest resilience and wildfire preparedness in California, that lead to substantial increases in funding, $.5B for early action earlier this year, and another $1.5B in the recently approved state budget. More information at: www.PacificForestTrust.org.

On October 30th, we travel farther south, in Anaheim, California, where we’re joining Artists for Peace.  Artists for Peace and Justice, is a non-profit organization that supports access to education for impoverished youth to create a pathway to meaningful employment and a sustainable future. By developing partnerships with local leaders in communities that need us most, Artists for Peace and Justice works to create real opportunity with Valuable Education, Meaningful Employment, Inspiring Voices and Ethical Leadership. APJ is comprised of artists, advocates, and creatives across all disciplines who believe in the power of artists to change the world. They believe that everyone has the creative capacity and voice to make a difference and that it is our duty to leverage our collective talent to help create a more just and peaceful world.

And on November 1st, Guitars in the Classroom joins us again in San Diego California – they also tabled on the last leg of the tour! GTC started as a beautiful idea to bring hands on music to general education teachers so they could become song leaders for learning. Thanks to business sponsors, supportive foundations, artists, amazing private individuals and a hard working board of directors, for 21 years, GITC faculty members have been training teachers in public schools from coast to coast to sing, play, write lyrics for learning and lead hands on music with public school elementary students. Because over 15,000 teachers have trained with GITC - and about 1500 more train each year – GTC’s work is reaching about a million students each school year with integrated music making for literacy, math and all other subjects. GTC also helps provide instruments, accessories and subsidies to the teachers in their programs. To learn more about their incredible work:  www.guitarsintheclassroom.org.
These organizations give us so much hope for the future, and we are honored to present them to you, and all the concert-goers at each of these shows. They show us the potential for change and for a more beautiful world for everyone. We hope you are inspired to support them or take action! Thank you for reading!
Tom, Paula, Jeffrey, and Diane
The Guacamole Fund
Post Office Box 699
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

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