Hello Dear Supporters!

We hope this finds you well! Happy to share some important news with you!

Co-Founder Andrew has just returned from 2 weeks in Nepal, where he was hands on with our incredible team. Ground has officially broken and building is IN PROCESS for 9 new schools! These schools are on track to be finished by mid-June, before monsoon arrives.

***2,178 children will be served with this Phase 1 school rebuilding.***

Construction on 11 more schools will be starting within 5 weeks.
These new ones will be in Gorkha and Nuwakot. At this point all 4 districts we have committed to will be underway with construction.

Every dollar matters!
Ground breaking ceremony.
Village students.

As our schools are being built, our rebuilding partners are planning their accompanying support systems in the way of water purification, computers, and teacher training. Hundreds of pieces of furniture are also being fabricated. In the school rebuiliding, jobs are also being created. 
Furniture Makers
Meet BABURAUM GOLE, Field Officer

As a staff member of Kids of Kathmandu, Babu (as he is called) is integral to our school rebuilding oversight. He visits all of the building sites (sites can take an entire day to reach from Kathmandu), and is in charge of construction management.

Babu, Andrew, and a team of people at the Nepali based company,
  Rooster Logic, have spent the last 6 months building an extensive "checklist" for each construction site, available as software. Ultimately we will be able to access each site's progress, see photos, and keep track of each step along the way remotely. All of this to ensure that the schools will be built according to our safe designs and engineering and that donor dollars are managed appropriately. This has been an incredible project and one we are so happy to see coming to fruition.

Introducing OJA MOON
Oja Moon Inc., launched March 2016, is our new 100% cashmere baby line, all handmade in Nepal at a women's center down the street from the NYCDS orphanage in Bhaktapur. 

***Each animal sale feeds 10 children for an entire day at the orphanage.***

Not only does each purchase at Oja Moon generate funds for the orphanage, but it helps to employ the women knitters who lack financial security. Many are struggling to send their children to school and many are widows, needing income to provide for their family. 

Currently we have 4 animals in our Oja Moon family (in various colors.)
BHALU the Bear, HATTI the Elephant, RAMRO the Rabbit, and CHAK CHAK the Monkey! Visit our website to learn what the names mean, check out the collection, and send a special piece to a special little one !

Thank you as always for your support. 


Jami Saunders + Andrew Raible
and the team at Kids of Kathmandu