Yay!  This is your 90 minute reminder till start time for my Play-along Harp Jam Learning Party!  Here's the link to the webinar page (you may want to bookmark this page).
This super-sized 2.5 hour Live Play-along Webinar is a warmup for all the folks in "Summer Harp Jam" - so when you register for the JAM PARTY you get a sneak peek at what they're learning in the 6-Week "Summer Harp Jam" program AND a chance to join them for the full 6 Weeks! And YES! I'll add some time in for questions, too.
Here's a tentative schedule of what we'll cover:

*  2:30: Play-along Jam #1
*  3:00: Summer Harp Jam Visual Classroom Tour  
*  3:30: Play-along Jam #2
*  4:00: Play-along Jam #3
*  4:30: Play-along Jam #4
I'll send you another reminder just before we start!  I encourage you to arrive 5-10 minutes early just to get settled and into the online room.
See you soon, LIVE from my Boston area studio!
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Deborah Henson-Conant
HipHarp.com / SummerHarpJam.com
p.s. Invite your harp friends to this play-along webinar! Then you can play the things you learn together.  Send them to this link https://goo.gl/AlqX9j and they can register free.