We Are NOT Alone
Hello, everyone.  I hope all of you reading this article are well.  And I pray that all your friends and loved one's are safe and sound as well.  Obviously, this is a very trying time but as everyone says, we WILL get through it.  TOGETHER. Without a doubt, when we look back on this, there will be many lessons learned that can be good going forward, despite the awful reasons for those lessons.  The #1 thing, for me and all of you, is to take care of yourself, physically AND mentally. While not always easy, you owe it to yourself to do so. The #2 lesson I experience myself almost every day is WE ARE NOT ALONE.  There is comfort in that. Lastly, while not always easy with all the "information" out there 24/7.....don't catastrophize. Be informed, be aware but beware the extremes.

Okay, enough of my "preaching".  The biggest thing is the people impacted.  You, me, family, loved one's and friends. Best friends, close friends and friends yet to be made.  The following is a post from Facebook that really struck a chord with me, for many reasons. I hope you enjoy it.

"I ran to the grocery store to get Power Ade Zero that's it ... a run in quick and run out even quicker.  Went to the next aisle because I was curious how the bread aisle was. People with carts passing right by this elderly lady crying in the aisle staring at the empty bread shelves. Nobody cared ... they passed right by her!! I was so mad!! I went to her and asked if everything was alright ... she sobbed "I'm scared ".   She said, "I feel like this is the depression". I have $37.00 to get some groceries and everything is either gone or too expensive. I live alone, I came in a cab because the Television said everything is closing for 2 weeks. My friend's daughter usually takes us shopping. She was sobbing she was so frightened ... and everyone just passed by her!!!  I'm sorry ... I was so ANGRY!! I do NOT deal with SELFISH well! I distance myself from Selfish and Self-Absorbed people because they "suck" the nice right out of me!!! I wanted to get on the store loudspeaker and tell everyone that passed by her off!!! After I got her to stop crying ... I said let's go shopping. Margaret and I toured the rest of the store together.  I started filling my cart as Margaret clicked her little red grocery calculator letting her know how much she had left out of her $37.00.  
I remember my Grandmother Alice had one of those and brought a smile to my face calming me down because I was so pissed still!!  She told me her life story as we shopped. Her husband was in the Korean War and had passed away and oh how Margaret missed him.       "He always made me feel better when I was frightened," she told me .
We cashed out and I offered to give my new friend Margaret a ride home to save a bit of cab money.  Drove to Dunkin and bought her and myself a cup of tea. If you are Irish ... you know Tea always makes you feel better!  Took Margaret home and carried her groceries in for her along with the groceries I had put in my cart minus the Powerade of course.  She was overwhelmed by all the groceries and thanked me what seemed like a million times. As I was getting back in my car , I thought about what Beverly Flannery would do , and I got out of the car knocked on her door and when Margaret came to the door I said "You know Margaret , I just wanted to tell you that I am so glad I went to the grocery store today because I made a new friend . Could I be your friend too?  She cried again. We exchanged phone numbers, and I told her I would call her to check in and she could call me anytime. I hadn't even gotten home and my phone rang. It was Margaret, checking to make sure I had made it home safe.

People, I get it.  Everything is up in the air with this virus.  Please be KIND to one another, especially the elderly.  They are far more frightened than you!
If my 7 grandchildren all under the age of 5 understand what KINDNESS is, then so can you!"

Personally, this post reminded me of my neighbor, Georgi.  84 years old, widowed, lives alone. I called her literally within an hour of seeing this post.  Turns out her son has been in multiple hospitals for months from a stroke at age 58! She was on her own.  I'm going to the grocery store today for my new friend, if she lets me, LOL.  

Soooo.....I am thinking of all of you more than ever these days.  And I am here to help in any way I can, personally or professionally.  I want you all to know I miss you guys and care about you. Don't hesitate to CALL, E-Mail, TEXT me.  And I have discovered the joys of face to face, remotely. Love ZOOM, Facetime or anything else that works for people.

Be well.  Be safe. LET ME HEAR FROM YOU!

Until next month.

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