"A simple life vest could have saved my son's life."
This Story by Dana Gage, Founder of The LV Project. 

A couple of months ago, just before the July 4th holiday, I was overwhelmed with memories of what my life looked like just three short years before. How pristine my bubble. How perfect my world. I poured out my ramblings, posted them on Facebook, and went to bed. When I woke up the following morning, I was stunned to see that thousands of people had shared that post. Here's what it said.

Now, another holiday approaches. And for me, this one is worse. Because Labor Day 2012 is the weekend Connor went to the lake for a fun birthday party with friends. And that's the weekend he didn't come home. That's the weekend my family's beautiful bubble was shattered into a million jagged pieces. Meanwhile drowning numbers march relentlessly upward: as of this writing, 69 children have drowned in Texas in 2015.

Connor's accident has been described as a "horrible tragedy." Horrible it was, and horrible it still is. But there's one very important word missing from that description. PREVENTABLE. The only thing harder than losing Connor is knowing he could and should still be here. Connor didn't have to die. And thousands more don't have to die.   A simple life vest could have kept our beautiful family bubble firmly in tact, and Connor would be alive today.

So, as you head to the water, I hope you'll keep one word in mind: LoVe.  Protect the ones you're with and make life vests a must. Because life vests on lakes? That's what LoVe looks like. 

Founded to honor the life of Connor Kelly Gage, The LV Project relentlessly pursues the idea that all people can LiVe and LoVe buoyantly, on lakes and in life. For details on Connor's story and Five Things To Do at the lake, click here.
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