#ACCgradingchallenge Day 1 of 10
Planning for Success with Time Blocking
Time: 15 minutes
With any project, it’s important that you plan ahead in order to be successful. Today’s challenge will start you off on the right foot and allow you to set an achievable schedule by blocking out your time, rather than making long (and sometimes overwhelming) to-do lists. According to time blocking expert, Kevin Kruse , “to-do lists contribute to stress. In what’s known in psychology as the Zeigarnik effect, unfinished tasks contribute to intrusive, uncontrolled thoughts.”

Take 15 minutes today to define what grading needs to get done & block time to accomplish your grading by the deadline on December 20th.

  1. Jot down your grading to-do list on a scratch piece of paper.
  2. Print out the #ACCgradingchallenge calendar template OR use your ACC Google Calendar.
  3. Mark your calendar with the following (feel free to get creative with color coding!):
  4. Block out your class schedule.
  5. Block out intentional time for meals.
  6. Block out time-sensitive errands/chores that MUST get done over the next ten days (tidying your house, holiday gift shopping, walking the dog, etc).
  7. Take items from your to do list and schedule time each day to accomplish a grading task (this might be grading a specific assignment, entering in grades for one course, spending time meeting or emailing students, etc.).

Remember, it’s best to chunk projects into smaller tasks so that they feel more achievable! Use this calendar for the remainder of the #ACCgradingchallenge to hold yourself accountable to this grading schedule on a daily basis.
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