#ACCgradingchallenge Day 2 of 10
Choose Your Own Brain Sweep
Time: 10 minutes
As we get busier and busier toward the end of the semester the amount of thoughts swirling around in our heads intensifies. These two activities will help you either let go of OR track those thoughts so they can stop swirling around and allow you to focus on your goals for the day.

Take 10 minutes today to “brain dump” so you can focus on meeting your December 20th deadline for grades. Choose one of the following activities.

Option 1: Let It Go with Morning or Evening Pages
According to the British Psychology Society , “Insight-based problem-solving requires a broad, unfocused approach. You’re more likely to achieve that Aha! revelatory moment when your inhibitory brain processes are at their weakest and your thoughts are meandering.” That’s why we suggest trying morning or evening pages .

  1. This activity MUST be done prior to your work beginning in order to keep you focussed.
  2. Use a scratch sheet of paper to write down everything in your stream of consciousness.
  3. Include EVERYTHING - a reminder to feed your dog, the anger you feel about the copier begin down, ideas you have for holiday relaxation, everything!
  4. Fill 1-2 pages. 
  5. Throw it away. (Or tuck away for safe keeping, somewhere that won’t distract you!)

Now these thoughts are clear from your head and you can go on with your day!

Option 2: Keep Track with a “Distraction” To-Do List
Ideas are bound to poke at us throughout the day, especially when we’re doing our best to focus: “Did I turn the oven off?”, “Would Bradley like a light-up hat for his birthday?”, “I need to make sure to pick up more olive oil at the store today!” Rather than acting on these thoughts and delving into a world of Amazon Prime shopping, consider trying this activity:

  1. Keep a pen & pad of paper nearby while you’re working. 
  2. Anytime a random “to-do” thought occurs to you, add it to the list and move on with your work. 
  3. Once your objectives are complete, or during your break time, you can check some things off your distraction to-do list - like checking Facebook, or researching the best way to make an apple crumble. 
Moment to Share
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