#ACCgradingchallenge Day 4 of 10
Cute Baby Animals Will Make You Feel Better
Time: 5 minutes (level 1); 10 minutes or more (level 2)
As classes & finals wrap up during this marathon week, we wanted to make sure we’re sharing fun and relaxing ways for you to take breaks during grading season. “According to research by Hiroshima University , looking at cute animal photos can increase fine motor coordination and attention to detail,” something that is very important for grading.

We’re suggesting that you do just that: look at cute baby animal photos. Prepare to have warm & fuzzy feelings (and enhanced attention to detail)! 

Level 1: Find Your Favorite Baby Animal
  1. Google “cute baby animals.
  2. Select your favorite (ours include baby seals, baby raccoons, and baby hedgehogs).
  3. Google your favorite baby animal.
  4. Relax & enjoy for 5 minutes, no more!

Level 2: Celebrate ACC’s Graduating Students
Not into baby animals? Perhaps student success will warm your heart! Today is Fall Commencement for our ACC graduates. Tune in online via Live Stream or attend in person with your colleagues to watch those adorable students cross the stage. 
Moment to Share
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