November 2018   
A Message from our CEO

Happy Holidays!

               This is a time for celebration! As 2018 comes to a close, I look back on this year with gratitude for our incredibly caring community who continues to support our mission. With your help, we are on pace to help over 6,000 different people this year. Overall, our services to our neighbors in need have grown 20% over last year.

              We have assisted people like Karla, who visited our food pantry to help provide for her three kids. Like Todd and Amy, who needed help with their rent or would have faced eviction. Like Stefan and Sasha, who received extra kid-friendly bags of food during the summer when they were home from school. Like Millie, who received backpacks full of school supplies for her three grandchildren. Like Isabella, who completed her GED after attending our classes and is now employed full time. Over 6,000 people, each with a story to tell, and each able to improve their lives because of the work this community is doing through ACO!

               As our community continues to grow, we know that the needs will continue to grow as well. Please know that I am committed to working with you and all of our neighbors to help meet those needs. So my wish this holiday season is for you and your family, and for all members of our community, to experience an abundance of hope, joy, and love. Hope for an even brighter future. Joy for the blessings we receive. And love-to treasure in your heart, but more importantly to share with others.


Because of YOU, ACO has been able
to help more than 6,200 lives this year. 

Watch this video to see how. 

ACO and YOU 2018
ACO and YOU 2018

A special thank you to Brad Hempkins, our outgoing Board of Directors President.  We are grateful for his 12 years of commitment to our mission as a volunteer, donor, sponsor and for introducing our organization to just about all of his friends in the area! 
We appreciate your years of service on the board! 

(From left: Brad Hempkins and Monty Moore)
Holiday Gift Program

More than 200 volunteers came together to collect, sort, bag. organize and distribute the holiday gifts including winter clothing, gloves, hats, scarves and shoes for 599 vulnerable children and youth participating in our Holiday Gift program.                            ( Above are some of our caring volunteers.)

"It is a joy for us to be able to volunteer during this holiday season to help with the Holiday Gifts program." (Lisa, a volunteer)

"We have so much, and it is great to be to share, give and support our neighbors who need a little help." (Tim, a volunteer) 

A warm thank you to our kind volunteers from our community and different businesses and groups, including: YMSL, NCL, GAP, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital nurses, Invictus, Texas Health Resources University, RGP, Stratifi Health, Assisteens, and First Baptist Church.  

"Thank you for your aid this year. Times got tough, especially around the holidays. Your help made a huge difference and helped place a smile in my seven-year-old's face." (G.M.)

A big thank you to Elke's Market Cafe, National Charity League, NETSCOUT, Neighborhood Management, Preston Elementary, Cheatham Elementary, Boon Elementary, Olson Elementary and several other caring neighbors for also donating winter accessories and books that were included in the Holiday Gift bags. 

Only 10 days until the end of the year. 
Make it count and get your tax deduction by giving a GIFT to help families in need! 

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