January 2014
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Dear Parents and Colleagues,


Perhaps the words "ADHD" and "Drugs" in the title sell more newspapers but, in the case of Alan Schwarz's recent NY Times article, the title "ADHD Experts Re-evaluate Study's Zeal for Drugs" doesn't accurately reflect its content.  It is less about the pitfalls of medication and more about the successes of behavioral treatment.


The critical benefits of social skills group therapy, parent training, and other behavioral therapies in the treatment of ADHD children and teens have long been understated. My experience echoes that of psychologist Ruth Hughes when she says, "Medication helps a person be receptive to learning new skills and behaviors. But those skills and behaviors don't magically appear. They have to be taught."


Perhaps a more fitting title might be "The Pill is Not the Skill" or "Treating the Whole Child". Irrespective of how it's entitled, the article is a solid one.




Cathi Cohen, LCSW, CGP 



Twenty years ago, more than a dozen leaders in child psychiatry received $11 million from the National Institute of Mental Health to study an important question facing families with children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Is the best long-term treatment medication, behavioral therapy or both? Read full article here...



Group Openings in January


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Elementary School Age Children:




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What are your "parent resolutions" for this year?
It's hard not to get caught up in the wave of new year's resolutions that abound this time of year, some more realistic than others. We decided to ask the parents of our kids in group what they would say were their "parent resolutions" for the coming year. 
Take a look at the top 5:
1. Spend more time with my child(ren)
2. Listen more. Talk less.
3. Notice out loud when things are going well.
4. Remove the words "should", "always" and "never" from my vocabulary.
5. Adjust my expectations



Maybe they are on your list as well.   



Happy New Year!



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