AHPA represents member interests at USP Dietary Supplement Stakeholder Forum
Stakeholder input is essential to the development of USP dietary supplement standards
AHPA Chief Information Analyst Merle Zimmermann, Ph.D. represented AHPA members' interests at the USP Dietary Supplements Stakeholder Forum held May 15 in Rockville, MD. 

The event provided an open forum for industry stakeholders to discuss issues and share perspectives related to USP dietary supplement standards. USP also collected stakeholder feedback for current and future USP standards-setting efforts.

AHPA member company GNC's Michael Bradley, M.S. spoke on probiotics and the usefulness of compendial standards outside the U.S. where regulatory structures differ. In-depth discussions explored combination products, shelf stability and the usefulness of standard DNA methods for strain testing and identification of probiotics.

AHPA member Gaia Herbs' Jeremy Stewart, Ph.D. spoke on using DNA to check plant reference materials and the scientific validity of DNA testing. He also noted that good reference materials are essential to ensuring quality results.

The forum included an update on ongoing standard developments, including a standard for cranberry. Protein testing method development for whey proteins has begun with a working group scheduled to hold their first in-person meeting on May 31. An open forum provided an opportunity for attendees to discuss subjects brought up by industry representatives.

Because stakeholder input is essential to the development of USP dietary supplement standards, USP encourages manufacturers, organizations, service providers, and other interested parties who work with dietary supplements to share perspectives and provide direct feedback.

The contributions of countless volunteer experts are critical to USP’s achievements. If you would like to volunteer to provide input, please see more information here >>