How Does a Pandemic Affect Prevention Efforts?
Everyone is worried about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), but it’s important to stay calm and remain mindful in dealing with it. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are closely following the situation, and they are working to keep everyone up to date on what they need to know. Learn more about resources provided by the CDC and their suggested best practices.

In an effort to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, many people are struggling to establish a new-normal for their employees, communities, and businesses. With more communities working remotely than ever before, maintaining a productive and healthy work-life balance is necessary. While it’s important to stay on track, staying mentally and physically healthy are top priority.  
Are You Practicing Self Care in Quarantine? 
Taking care of yourself is especially important during these unprecedented times. While it may feel self-centered to focus on oneself at first, it is important to stay on track and productive. To fight the feeling of being selfish for practicing self care, consider sharing some ideas with members of your community.  Self care can be defined in many ways and differs based on the individual, but there are a select few activities that are recommended for everyone. See below for a few ideas and click the link below for even more. 

  • Engaging in regular exercise
  • Practicing mindfulness or meditation
  • Limiting time spent browsing social media platforms
  • Maintaining a high level of personal hygiene 
Free Webinar – Find Strategies to Fight Opioids at a Grassroots Level
As any prevention professional will tell you, community engagement is at the core of effectively fighting substance misuse in America. Because of this, understanding best practices for how to start the conversation about substance misuse on both a digital and a grassroots level is vital to our success. That’s what Ivan Juzang, Founder and President of MEE Productions Inc., will discuss with us during our April webinar.

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