MONDAY, 5/11/20
Dear Citizens:

I was notified this morning by our local health authority, Dr. Ruth Ebangit, that fifty-seven people were tested at the State Mobile Testing Unit on May 7, 2020. They were from the following counties: 1 Throckmorton, 3 Jones, 8 Knox, and 45 Haskell. ALL 57 TESTS WERE NEGATIVE FOR THE CORONAVIRUS!

Our numbers remain at 1 positive case for Haskell County residents not associated with the prison. 

Rolling Plains Detention Center has 34 positive cases, inmates only. These cases are the same individuals associated with patient zero. These inmates must remain in place for 14 days and are well on their way to being through the virus’ cycle.

Transport has slowed down tremendously at the RPDC. Unfortunately, crime does not stop just because there is a pandemic; therefore, people must still be moved in and out. The RPDC is doing a great job managing the virus and taking all the precautions.

Kenny Thompson, County Judge 
You have heard these guidelines for months now, but as more information becomes available, these guidelines evolve. As we open up more, they are worth repeating. Please take a moment and reread the guidelines here .

Everyone should ....
  • wash your hands
  • avoid close contact
  • cover your mouth and nose with a face cover when around others
  • cover coughs and sneezes
  • clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces

Businesses may want to install signage. Here is one that can be printed off. Signage .

If you would like us to include updates from your Haskell entity, business, non-profit, etc., please email and we will do our best.
**Please excuse all typos as these emails are being put together quickly.