I had an experience that will explain the topic above.


About 2 years ago, I was in Abuja, the outskirt, during the days when bombing of churches was the order of the day. I decided around 8pm to go round and see churches around and get a firsthand experience why they have become easy targets.


The first church gave me all the reasons I needed. The church perimeter was in total darkness. The church (in my estimation) was on minimum of 2 plots of land, with only a building at the far end. While praises was on, only two bulbs where lighted at the entrance, the inside was fully lighted, and anyone can fully see through the activities going on while the onlooker is in darkness.


What are the Issues

  • There is no official or worker outside to monitor happenings outside the church.
  • Why should the perimeter be in total darkness without any illumination?
  • I could have easily dropped a bag containing explosive materials without anyone seeing me.
  • Okada riders were moving around even dropping church members that were late for service, no process of even passive access control by way of greeting and asking questions if a visitor or new member.
  • I stood in front of the church in darkness for more than 30 minutes, nobody noticed me.  

The bible says Nehemiah was building with one hand, with the sword on the other hand.


The essence of this story is that the public, private and religious organizations MUST be conscious of its environment, should know about Safety, Security, and Emergency operations/Response.  


Yobe Incident.


I do not have a firsthand knowledge of what transpired (but you can relate the story above to a normal school), however, it is important that ALL schools should have the knowledge to do a simple Risk Evaluation and Control of its environment looking at the following

  • Threats (What are the negative things that could happen to us)
  • Vulnerability (Weakness) - Lack of power in an environment at night where attacks can occur is a sure weakness (send the children home, turn the school to day).
  • Probability (Can the threat occur. Once you have such occurrence close to you, in another state with same characteristics, it can happen to you). The probability is High, Medium or Low.

With this you make your decision, and make it fast, without unnecessary protocols. Either you want to improve

on your control (counter measures - in military) or you want to vacate the environment, since we are looking at loss of lives.  


ALL SCHOOLS (Primary, Secondary and Universities) should start to develop appetite for Safety/Security/Emergency Response capabilities comprehensively taught in Business Continuity Planning).


For the Schools: What they need to think about:

  • Do your Risk Evaluation and Control
  • You should be able to identify Applicable Emergency Preparedness & Response Regulation (If we have any)
  • You should identify the Potential types of emergencies and the resulting Scenarios / Imparts
  • Identify the Response Capabilities Needed for
    • Protection of Life Safety
      • Evacuation, Sheltering, Shelter-in-Place, Lock down 
      • Ability to Account for personnel/students
  • Protection of Property
  • Protection of Environmental Contamination



Again, I cannot say I am an expert in military operations, but I can say a little with my knowledge in Business Continuity Planning.


One important thing I notice is that we do not have sophisticated communication system.


In modern warfare, communication is as important as eating with water. During the public show of the Terrorist Brigade in the army, with designing eye, I could not see any of the private, or officer with communication equipment, how do you communicate with the Operations center? It is not only the numbers that win a war in this modern warfare; communication plays a lot of role.

  • Newspaper report: How can an operation go on for 5 hours, without response?
  • How can the barracks be infiltrated (not once, or twice) and equipments damage?
  • How can we be recording deaths in hundreds or thousands on a monthly basis
  • Are there special teams within that are equipped with equipments needed?

A fighter jet even from Lagos should get to Yobe in 2 hours (at most) if informed and ready.


The damage caused by this type of reports is not good, and it makes us to be less than being happy to be called a Nigerian. We want to be proud of our military.


Communications capabilities should include the ability to gather information, coordinate activities, and disseminate instructions and information. ( DRI International) Do we have this?




The State Security like the Homeland Security in US, must promote Business Continuity planning within the private and public sector. This is what is done in US by the Homeland Security. The effect of lack of preparedness is directly related to unnecessary loss of lives.  


The military needs the State Security to promote this standard to help detect crimes, and resilience needed during disasters within the public and private sectors.   


You CANNOT fight terrorism without the knowledge of Business Continuity Planning. Other countries WILL NOT DISCLOSE THIS INFORMATION,  


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You can also conduct your independent search on the internet. The government need to encourage this knowledge. If the United States, and other countries are using this knowledge, it is worthwhile that we take a second look at this topic.


Course Content of BCP




1.Program Initiation and Management
2.Risk Evaluation and Control
3.Business Impact Analysis

● Planning

4.Developing Business Continuity Strategies
5.Emergency Preparedness and Response
6.Developing and Implementing Business Continuity Plans

● Post-Planning

7.Awareness and Training Programs
8.Business Continuity Plan Exercise, Audit, and Maintenance
9.Crisis Communications
10.Coordination with External Agencies


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