July 2015  International Fluoride Free  Teleconference
Water Workers Unite!
Meet the People Who Treat Your Water

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Clark Colver

Pastor of Temple Baptist Church in Savannah, Tennessee, Clark has been employed for over 16 years for a local water utility that fluoridates its water. He is in conversation with the utility to rid his community's water of fluoridation chemicals 

The Savannah Valley Utility District Water Quality Report of 2014 lists "Fluoride...water additive which promotes strong teeth" in a table of water contaminants.

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Joshua Foster

Joshua is a health freedom activist. For 13 years, he was the Senior Plant Operator with the City of Sacramento. In 2012, a witch hunt ensued over his opposition to water fluoridation and ended in an agreed separation. Now, he is a citizen activist lobbying in California's state capitol. 

You can see a video of Joshua's work here.

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Susan Kanen

Susan Kanen is a biochemist who worked as a water treatment analyst until she blew the whistle on the lead that was leaching into Washington DC's municipal water supply in 2004-06 and its subsequent cover-up. She got fluoride poisoning after being exposed to a gas leak during her work in a water treatment plant. Our heroine is featured in this TEDx video

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Alli Larkin

Alli is currently running for reellection for  King County (Washington) Water District No. 54,  Commissioner Her town has held off fluoridation while living adjacent to the Settle-Tacoma metropolis. 

Their well water is so pure they had not even been required to add chlorine until very recently. But, Alli is dedicated  to serve her electorate and provide leadership in the region as a core member Washington Action for Safe Water.

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John Mueller

Currently working for the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, John is a long-time water treatment professional who has been taking a tough and courageous stance against fluoridation. He has learned the hard way how to maintain his principles and keep his job. 

See his recent letter to the editor here

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Peter Van Caulart 

Peter is presently the Executive Director of Environmental Training Institute (ETI) and a founding board member of the Guild of Professional Operators. Formerly he was a Sheridan College Professor, an Canadian Ministry of the Environment (MOE) training officer and lab manager, and a military officer. 


Educated throughout Canada and the US, Peter is an accomplished adult educator managing the design and delivery of specialized training preparing Canadian operators for professional accreditation. ETI's post secondary level programs educate staff of municipal utilities, MOE enforcement, UNHCR agencies and First Nations communities.

Peter's interest of the fluoridation issue came to the fore in 2004 when a student challenged his teaching of the status quo and urged him to revisit the "accepted version" of what fluoridation is. Since then, he has personally dedicated time, money and expertise to cease fluoridation's undeserved status within the context of contemporary drinking water practice in Canada and beyond. To that end, Peter continues to educate, advocate, speak and write about sustainable water quality issues and drinking water access inequities.

Peter resides, volunteers and works from Ridgeville in Niagara Region. His other passions range across family businesses, aviation, law and philosophy, lifelong learning, invention and travel. You can reach him at the Canadians Opposed to Fluoridation web site.

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