FY17 Budget Conference Committee Announced!

The Senate's final budget includes a $4 million investment in the Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund (WCTF); $11.5 million for YouthWorks; $3.15 for School to Career Connecting Activities; $4.5 million for One Stop Career Centers and $2.6 million for transportation costs for SNAP recipients participating in Employment and Training programs.  We thank the Senate for their leadership on increasing access to job training for low skilled individuals and young people.  

The Conference Committee will now reconcile the Senate and House versions of the state budget.   

The Conference Committee includes: 

Please call and email the conferees to support these funding levels:

  • Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund (7002-1075)    $4 million
  • YouthWorks  (7002-0012)   $11.5 million
  • School to Career Connecting Activities (7027-0019)   $3.15 million
  • One Stop Career Centers (7003-0803)     $4.5 million

You can also ask your own Reps and Senators to weigh in on these priorities with the Committee members.   Senate President Stanley Rosenberg and Speaker Robert DeLeo would like to hear from you as well. 

For the full list of SkillWorks & the Workforce Solutions Group (WSG)'s priority line items, read the updated WSG's Budget Chart here.

For more information contact the Workforce Solutions Group at 617-263-3344.

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